Acro-Yoga is a fusion of Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai-Massage. The praxis is composed of strengthening solar and relaxing lunar elements. We’ll focus on mindfulness as well as on tightness and balance while working in a big group. After having created a trustful environment we will shift to working in groups of three trying out different Asanas and Flows. Let’s fly together!


Ariel Bialski - Improv Lessons & Games

Basic Swedish Massage

Bewegte Achtsamkeit


Bodypainting - Methamorphosis through color

Bonding through Bondage

Clit Night

Der Wert des Nichtstuns

DIY Noise Toys & Blinking Lights

DIY pinhole camera & photo workshop

Einführung in den Anarchismus

Experimente von Theorie in Bewegung



it's a zine: lesen/zeichnen/drucken/falten

Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga


Justyna Gmitrzuk

KAHBAM! (Contact Improvisation)

KAHBAM! (Contact Improvisation) by Loby Lam Contact Impro is a contemporary dance form based on the physical principles of touch, shared weight and listening to a shared point of contact. This form is for everybody, whether you are an advanced dancer or just a curious beginner. website:


Making Mates - Mate Workshops & Circles

Momentum and Acrobatics in Contact-Improvisation

Move! - Movement Medicine

An opportunity to wake up the dancer inside and learn some basic Movement Medicine practices which help us come into fully embodied relationship with ourselves, those around us and to the whole gathered community. Come and shake it all up: body, heart and mind.

Nowtopias and Degrowth- building better worlds?

NSU-Tribunal: Es ist Zeit zu schreien

In may 2017 victims of four decades of racist terrors assembled in Cologne for the „NSU” tribunal in order to indict the perpetrators in neo-nazi groups, Verfassungsschutz, authorities, media, politics, courts and a society with a racist background. The demands of the „Tribunal to dissolve the NSU complex” are - even after the end of the NSU trial - more relevant than ever before. In this workshop we want to expand the existing charges and debate, why the remembrance of what happened will also be the fight for the future.


Pranayama & Meditation



Reclaim Your Citys!

welcome united "Umkämpfte Räume - In welcher Stadt wollen wir leben?! Neue demokratische Stadtplanung, von der Kritik zum Experiment und Arrivati Park - Neue Dimension sozialer Konflikte, Trans-Community Organizing und Bürgerasyl… Sowohl Recht auf Stadt Hamburg wie auch Solidarity City Initiativen verknüpfen konzeptionelle Fragen mit konkreter Alltagspraxis und Selbstorganisation gegen das herrschende Krisen- und Migrationsregime. Im September 2018 wollen wir auf den Strassen Hamburgs in einer großen We`ll Come United Parade zusammenkommen.

Recycling Relationships

Schamanak - Schamanistischer Intensivworkshop

Learn shamanic purification and breath techniques and follow us on a veritable drum journey to the worlds in between to gather some mighty lost pieces of our souls.


Subbody Butoh

Systemanalyse als Methode für Gruppen und Individuen


Tanzt du noch oder lötest du schon?

(Tekkno) Crossfitt

Thavius Beck

Thesen und Diskussion: Die AfD

Thesen und Diskussion: Trumps neue Außenpolitik



Not only dancing style but way of life from the queer POC community in New York: “Voguing is about resisting societal oppression”. “To create a space in which everybody can feel free“. “It is also about settling things on the dance floor and not afterwards through fights“. Get into your most comfortable clothes and don’t forget your High-Heels!

YEW - Co-Partnership with Nature

Create a space of veritable listening before you have to deal with our principles and wishes, the entering of communication spaces between different species, bodily exchange, breath of nature and collective co-existence! From and with: Mugwort, Stinging Nettle, Beech, Yew, Oak, Echivarea, Fern, Gradinger, Clover, Moss, Schubot.


Yoga und Stimme – Wo ist Deine Stimme zu Hause?