Acid Arab

Crammed Discs are thrilled to announce the signing of mighty Parisian electronic music crew ACID ARAB, whose intoxicating blend of sharp Western electronic music with Eastern sounds & vocals has been putting European festival and club audiences under a spell for the last couple of years. It´s their third time at Fusion Festival and our biggest pleasure celebrating with them!

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ACUDs music is a journey through the shadows of late night and the upcoming lights early morning. Everything is about the composition, the harmony of the whole. ACUD creates with many little melodies and timbres the arcs of perfection. Fascinating, inventive and frankly brilliant music, very warm and dreamy.

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Adowa Hifi ls. Jah bast


Aerodice combines various creative and virtuous components of music, acrobatics and entertainment and blends it into a unique show act. Switching their styles, rhythms and tempos with ease — between meditative-hypnotic to high-energy danceable – their music is always a fresh potpourri of surprising and unexpected elements. Aerodice´s concerts are enriched with spirit, laughter and happiness — a space where magic flows.


Alice Phoebe Lou




ALUNA depicts the joined talents and complementary creations of Maywa and Steffen Kirchhoff, world travellers and soul explorers. Their music project aspires to the creation and spreading of ritualistic music, leading the listeners to reconnect with the Earth, to harmonize with Nature, and with its endless wonders. It’s healing music, it’s music to dance, it’s music to love. Their vision is embodied by their selection of sounds, idyllic melodies, and fascinating vocals, all permeated of Latin American flavours. In fact, their music project finds its origin in the Columbian forests where these beautiful souls first met, as soloist artists. The word ALUNA also descends from the natives of that land. Among the Kogi people, it stands for the “invisible spirit realm”, the source and intelligence of life.

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Amon Ra & Timson alongside Monch MC & Wall Ra

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek

Asphalt Pirates

The seeds of Asphalt Pirates go back to 1991 when first experiencing the underground movement and free party scene. Influenced by the parties of Spiral Tribe being held in France in 1992 he began to play with synthesizers and travel through Europe, helping to organize with his twin brother the first free tekno parties in Southern Germany. Then in 2005, pushed by police repression, he moved to France, continuing to travel and bring his analog live sets - recognizable by the typical kick of the Roland TR 909 and various analog synthesizers - to the people. Although he plays in clubs and raves, he continues to support the underground scene: squats, free parties, alternative festivals ... anything that represents the Asphalt Pirates state of mind. Always on the road to new ports of adventure with his kit of live machines - give him a large table and a big system and he will excite you with music from the heart.

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Aviation Center

Awa Khiwe


BAAL is ambiguous - it describes a demon and a false idol but also it is the very description of the christian god "Jahwe". The word basically is hebrew for "lord" - and you decide which lord you follow.

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Bear Bones Lay Low

Benny Mails

Benny Mails is a South-London-based artist of restless creativity. Brought up in the midst of London’s grime scene whilst also listening to his hiphop-heroes on the one hand and the discovery of his family’s funk and jazz records on the other, his early experiences of playing live weren’t that of a typical MC: Benny breakdanced and performed contemporary dance from a young age, with surreal teenage encounters with the likes of b-boy legends of the first generation.

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Having learned classical piano at The Conservatory from the age of six, it would seem that Beranger’s musical career was already mapped out. To find him now delivering his unique classical meets grunge to gathered Berliners in the streets of his adopted home says as much about his views on following your dream as it does about his approach to music. Built on sleek classical lines, it is the dexterous piano work that is at the heart of the music but with a powerful and percussive paying style and a deep and vibrant voice, the music soaks up more than a touch of the Seattle sound and the result is a self-titled “Classical Grunge.”

Be Svendsen





Booka Shade


Born in Flamez



carmel zoum & dj zhao

Percussive and metronomic dancehall flow combined with unconpromising and conscious lyrics. French-Congolese Berlin-based singer and performer Carmel Zoum was born in Moscow, grew up in France and has been living in Germany for 13 years. Since her parents are Congolese, the first music to have an impact on her was “Soukous” – a dance music genre that originated from Cuban Rumba music and the Congo – that gained popularity throughout Africa. A versatile singer, MC flowing in English and French, Carmel Zoum is a fiery force of nature on the mic, bringing groovy and beautiful melodies and hardcore Dancehall vibes to thrill dance. Supported by the massive sound of the tenor saxophone Jean-Francois Kubi and … DJ Zhao: Born in Beijing and based in Berlin, Dj Zhao is a rhythm ambassador bringing a poly-cultural understanding of sound to his deeply percussive cross-genre sets. Not restricted by style or convention, Dj Zhao draws from wildly different times and places, connecting the global North with the South, acoustic and electronic, traditional and hyper-modern.

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Cathita Steppa



Chocolate Remix

Chocolate Remix, the reggaeton project lead by Romina Bernardo since 2013, criticizes the machism usually related to this style and re-signifies it by using its same musical logic, creating a new concept called 'Lesbian Reggaeton'. The proposal plays with the classical stereotypes and roles of the genre, and taking advantage of its characteristic strong sexual content, appropriates it to recreate it in a queer key, touching taboo subjects about feminine pleasure and sexuality, and denouncing diverse problems that usually affect the feminine and LGBT collectives such as discrimination, censure and violence through its lyrics.

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chyno x the synaptik

Syrian rapper/producer based in Beirut, Chyno, and Palestinian rapper based in Amman, the Synaptik, team up for their collaboration EP, “the Terminal”. The juxtaposition of being too “western” for the Middle East, and being too “Middle Eastern” for the West, all wrapped up in a package of banging beats and snappy but witty lyricism. This is their tour.

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Colin Benders

Crystal Distortion (SP23)



Dasha Fyah

Dead Fader

Der Täubling

DFUMH (DontFuckUpMyHigh)

‚dfumh - dont fuck up my high' is a musical community of three mostly berlin based artists, chris buss, basti hein und tobias noethen, who each of them feel a constant and powerful push to use digital and analog subunits, like synths and samplers, knobs and faders, weird effect engines and all over the world audio material to create and progress their own unique musical style of electronically live music. to reach that, each of them has stiffing hot love affair to his own and very different more or less portable electronically live music production system, which get’s carefully grown and groomed. one of the most important aspects of dfumh is being associated to each other by the joy and power of their musical collective. there is a urgent need, to be part of a social alliance, a alliance of friendship, solidarity and artistic interaction, in which they together create a special inspiration and personal support for each other. And, thats the plan, for all of you listeners, friends, humans. its ALL so much easier if we work together! have friends! dfumh ;).

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Die RUHE is doing what she wants - combining her voice with what she loves the most - Techno - based music. Falling in love with electronic music in the early noughties Maria Ruhe took a colorful detour of playing in various band constellations, mostly improvised music & jazz. She enters the electronic music scene as a live performer, songwriter, singer and producer. Her constant drive is to change through creativity and finding new connections between sine waves, forms of art and human beings. She weaves her rhythms with original lyrics, poetry and improvisations. Her wide range vocals play different roles and alternate between natural and FX — bold, wild, strong yet tender. The future - oriented artist is bridging the gap between analog and digital by weaving field recordings from various occasions as well as working with several musicians to enrich her sound. Its her pleasure to host a field where everybody is invited to becoming wild & free. Diversity is the key to her vision of sound.

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DJ Jaywalk

Drift Away

Drowning Dog & Malatesta

Das kalifornisch-schottische Rap- und Produzenten-Duo Drowning Dog & DJ Malatesta, kurz: DDM kreieren ein musikalisches Mehr gegen eine ungleiche Gesellschaft. Einzigartig rappend schwimmt Drowning Dog auf den anarchisch klaustrophobisch elektronischen Bass-Beats von DJ Malatesta. Ihre Bühnenpräsenz eine Explosion des Hip Hop mit Hardcore- und Punk-Attitüde. Zwischen Bühne und Publikum wandert Drowning Dog zum genialen Sound von DJ Malatesta und verbindet die Leidenschaft für Musik mit anti autoritären radikalen Rap Lyrics. Sie ist eine der talentiertesten MCs im politischen Rap.

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Drumcorps is the merging of Aaron's roots in heavy guitar music with concise songwriting and a broad electronic sound palette. In 2007 the debut album received an award of distinction from Austria's Prix Ars Electronica, for its hyper-melding of American hardcore punk and electronic music. Recently Aaron has been based in Europe working in genres such as glitch, chiptune, drum & bass, jungle, and electronic punk rock.



The saxophonist Grégory Benzekry wished to share his musical universe and his will to fight as an activist: he thus decided to create Dubamix in 2003. Influenced by Roots Reggae and Bass music, they mix Steppa-dub, Electro-dub, Dubstep, Rockers and Drum'n'Bass riddims on which musical and political samples come together from various horizons. We hear powerful rythms with gypsy violin, arabic oud with klezmer clarinet, symphonic orchestra with french songs, greek zorba with soul music from New-York. This is an explosive mix of dub, traditonal musics and electro beats, where their favourite quote comes alive: "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution".

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Electric Universe


The many legends of Elfenberg tell of a duo whom live beneath the hidden and mythical place known as the Ivory Mountains. For centuries all living creatures have protected and prayed to this majestic monument when in need of wisdom and guidance. Although peace and prosperity thrive the mountains, darkness is always lurking afar. For, at the dawn of every black moon, the nightfall will start to consume all in its path. It's at these times that nature calls upon its protectors, to restore the vibrant light of these sacred lands. This time the fate rests in the hands of the duo, a journey yet to be written

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Faik Muchs < BIBA & Chris


Feathered Sun


Four Seasosn of Roots Is. Jazzmin Tutum

F.S. Blumm + Jeff Özdemir + Marc Marcovic

fumus & nebula

Gaff E

Gaff E expresses her musical talent through DJing (playing cosmic disco, italo, funk and soul) thriving on sharing her cosmic performances and happy music to connect people with their true selves and ultimate freedom.


Giorgia Angiuli

Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest for electronic music and started to experiment with new live techniques. From her very first project in 2009 Metùo, where she released the album “Toyshop,” Giorgia has created a vibrant, unique and interactive performance for her fans.

Görkem Şen

Guido Möbius

With the help of no more than his guitar, his voice, a trumpet and loads of effect pedals, Guido Möbius creates highly energetic music in between humour and hypnosis. Another element that makes his performances so special is his spontanous interaction with the audience. Möbius always invites chance to be his accomplice. On stage Guido Möbius is surrounded by his serially connected effects units that he controls as if in a trance. Every step in the creation of his music is public: When Möbius activates one of his pedals, the audience are a witness to this process and its result. Nothing is mysteriously conceived behind laptop screens. Möbius music happens before his audiences very eyes (and ears). This accounts for a large part of the fascination of his performances. The other (and maybe even greater) part results from the twist and turns his music takes, which never fails to surprise the audience.

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Herrhausen & Treindl

holographic fields



HVOB are Anna Müller and Paul Wallner. The duo have established themselves on the international electronic music scene not just with their releases, but more significantly as a live act as well. HVOB perform live on stage and always with a drummer.





Intiche born in southamerica, Argentina - resident in berlin. Music of Intiche is a deep fusion of natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments, downtempo, dance electronic, percussions, tribal. will take in a travel like in a ceremony into the heart of jungle-mountain-seas-landscapes, into our souls; connected with the all as we stomp on the grounds of the pachamama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones!!! like in a cosmic dance.- since a child i was very inspired from organic music from diferents ancient cultures and electronic music. my music evolution guided me trough deeper connections that in 2008 define my style that im playing now- organic downtempo.

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This duo is unique in the world under this formula: Drums / Machines / Videos synchronized. Children of the pink city (Toulouse – South of France), IPHAZE have built a very solid reputation in the world of the electronic music, in particular by developing an artistic project advocating the interactivity between live and video performance.


Ivo Dimchev

Jah Chalice feat. Ras Timbo

Jahfrey Rootzway feat. Mount Mytas

Jahtari Riddim Force


jennifer gegenläufer


Cico Beck (Aloa Input, the Notwist) and Nico Sierig return with a new live set up that combines robot instruments, electronics and trashy percussion. Switching between analogue synths, world-percussion instruments and computer- programming, they draw inspiration from experimental pioneers like Mort Garson and the melancholy of Kraut-Electronica, with the knowledge of contemporary beat-making and in big admiration of the chansons of Moondog and the patterns of Steve Reich. Psychedelic machine music from Munich.

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Julie Lioness

Jürgen Peng



Kedesh & Mighty Howard

Kerala Dust

Kid Simius

He skilfully blends dubstep and bass music elements with live music, confident on stage, impressing thanks to his multitasking capability. He´s the synthesizer king of rock´n´roll, everything he needs are a keyboard, some instruments and a hypnotized crowd.

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Kiki Hitomi


Klit Clique



Kurt Baum König


Kusht is a Scottish born wanderer who plays Guitar while Mixing and building Samples to his wide range of Worldly Down Tempo.

La Loakaii

La terrorista del Sabor

La Terrorista del Sabor is Colombian born singer, composer and producer of what has become her own line of work: tropical terror. Her songs refer to flavor (sabor) as a constant option for change. She is co-founder of La Orrorosa (2010-2015), a tropical punk band based in Mexico City that opened the scene for the genre, as well as for women in the role of lead singers. She collaborates with a wide range of artists and producers from across the Americas, as well as Europe, England and Serbia.

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La Vase

Nice melodic and bouncy punk from Leipzig, but sung in French. A driving mix of punk, post-punk and garage packed full of hooks and burn.

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Leafar Legov

Le Crabe

"Le Crabe is a French artist whose music escapes conventional definitions. His Hip-Hop/Noise creations, sprinkled with Breakcore and Industrial sounds, are highlighted by a firmly Punk-rock performance and outrageous humor – to be taken with a pinch of salt."

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Lions Den


lua preta

Lua Preta is a Polish/Angolan duo consisting of DJ/producer Mentalcut and vocalist/MC Supa Gia G. They bring the mixture of African inspired electronic music blending together afrohouse, kuduro and more. The duo debuted in 2016 with the single 'Melhor Vai Embora' which caught everyone's attention and lead them to release their debut EP via Greek Shango Records in 2017. Later troughout the year they were invited to record a set for Tash LC's Radar Radio show, their yet unreleased track got the spin in Branko's NTS mix and they produced a remix for Colombian vocalist Stefficrown. Lua Preta kicked off 2018 with the release of a single called 'Quero Mais' which is a collaboration with Lesotho's Morena Leraba, one of Spoek Mathambo's favourite voices and one of Africa's most distinctive ones. Their newest release is a track 'Ta Bater' which is accompanied by their first official video, shot entirely in Lisbon. The song itself will be released on vinyl on a compilation by University of Tropical Sound. - 'Ta Bater' video - 'Quero Mais' single - 'Emocoes Coloridas' EP

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mal élevé feat. stix on speed


Maria Violenza

Maria Violenza is a one-girl-synthpunk-band from Rome. Born and bread in Sicily she mixes her Mediterranean roots with cold Wave, which she picked up from long touring in the north of Europe. She loops keyboards, guitar and drum machine and with this shapes an immediate atmosphere of creativity.

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mark boombastik + eduardo delgado lopez

Marta De Pascalis

Mente Orgánica

Jacobo Polania aka Mente Orgánica is a producer from Bogotá, Colombia. He founded his project in 2017 with the vision of creating a ritual of introspection and union with the universe. His productions alchemize organic sounds with electronic elements to take the listener on a deep reflective journey within.

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Midas 104 & Oliver Klostermann

Mind Void


the psychedelic techno from the jungle live duo MITÚ, takes full advantage of what roots and electronica together can accomplish. Its sound emerges from the the infinite variations that equipment allows yet it is nurtured by the deep wellspring of a centuries-old music. In an act of musical Afrofuturism, MITÚ travels to the Palenque of the future - a walled refuge where, free of constraints, two artists create a new language to speak to each other and through it are able to express an astounding range of emotions.

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Singer-songwriter and electronic music producer. To many that might sound like two very different aspects of modern sound culture - which in turn makes Monolink a fascinating character, because he's rolled both into one. His style seamlessly connects the narrative structure of a song with the compelling forward thrust of electronic rhythms. Guitar chords merge into synthetic pad sounds, hypnotic bass vibrations meet emotional vocals, passionate physicality meets sublime stimulation for the mind.

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Moonlight Burns

mr. vast

„He’s a preacher, a screecher, an Archie Leacher An artless dodger, a limelight hogger, a dead horse flogger. He‘s the genial game-show host whose mind is toast. The quiz-master with all the wrong answers. The life coach on the National Express. The high-street shaman in the sequinned dress. This is his sweat lodge seminar, his powerpoint aberration, the shotgun in his shell suit, the seamonkey on his back A burnt-out, blurted-out, beercan-touting carry-out cabaret." „A one man carnival combining music,stand up and òther ́stuff.. .I aim to astound! transport us to a different world and bring us back again a little happier !“


My Bad Sister

East London-born Identical twins Polly and Sophie Duniam are an all-singing, all-dancing turbo-charged duo truly not giving a fuck all over Europe and the UK. Mashing-up cockney-style delivery, rap, super catchy lyrics and bass driven beats with razor-sharp mirrored choreography, they call this a Cabarave. A must see live!

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Nasiri & Són

Live oriental instruments & live analouge electronics, the dreamy sounds of the oud and flute combines with deep bass lines & organic percussion. A journey through the spiritual and the material, the real and the unreal, that reflects the mysticism and the meaning of our existence. The purpose is to enlighten the beauty that exists in the different cultures of the world and merge them with the world languages: Music, Dance & Harmony.

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Ninze & Okaxy


Nølah is a talented producer from northern Catalonia near the Pyrenees. Her beginnings in music started at age of 7, studying classical music then moving in to the rock idiom as a guitarist and composer. This whole path of experiencing and learning can be perceived in her particular sound. Nølah now calls home Barcelona and is ground zero where she conceives and composer her electronic musical gems. Hypnotic and warm melodies, booming bass lines and kick ass beats are the core ingredients on her outstanding recordings on Parquet Recordings, Click Records, Tulipa Recordings, Hopeless or Submarine Vibes. All those releases are a reflection of her newly found love for uplifting techno always produced from the honesty and Nølah’s romance with keyboards and analog machines. Clubby, emotional, mystic, pleasant.

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Orphan Fairytale

ostberlin androgyn

Otto von Schirach


Paul Brcic

Perforated Cerebral Party

Perforated Cerebral Party - the project by Tsaritsa Logiki and Vova PCP. They play slow rave, a hybride of slowed down electro/techno with deep dirty bass lines and industrial influences and are part of the new ghettopsychedelic futuristic music wave from S-Petersburg called in Russia "somatik techno". Their music and their filosophy reflects the perseption of the new generation raised in the concrete jungle: cyberpunks,posthumanists,acid fed internet freaks. Their fans tattoo on their bodys the symbol of faith "om wifi" :the aincient Om sighn interconnected with WiFi pictogramm. Vova PCP and Tsaritsa Logiki are also famouse for making the controversary rave parties called "Soma",where all the participants,including Djs,are totally naked and covered in fluorescent bodyart.

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Peter Groskreutz und Rauschhaus


Pöbel MC & Millie Dance

pyro one



Reinier Zonneveld

Rico Loop Session

Roots Descendens feat. Jon Moon

Roots Zombie

Sainte Vie

Live electronic music act produced by Pablo Piña, born in Mexico City and currently based in New York. His label Akumandra serves as a showcase for emerging multicultural electronic music talent.

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Salut C'est Cool plus James Darle

Schulz & Söhne

Scratch Bandits Crew

The Scratch Bandits Crew is a new approach to scratching; Supa-Jay, Geoffresh and Syr are three hip-hop pirates who love to sail strange seas. No samples from dusty old vinyls; these three scratch explorers really do write their own tracks. A rich powerful collection of tracks stuffed with hip hop references – like the excellent track “Check It Out” - but also nourished by electronic music, jazz and soul.

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Session Victim

Seth Schwarz


Ameen, Thorben and Maher met by coincidence in Hamburg. They come from different musical backgrounds and developed their own signature mixing arabic scales and traditional folk songs with classical harmonic structures – Oriental melodies partner up with occidental electronics. Piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion and vocals find their new home in oriental Slow-House. This fusion of different styles results in a kind of music that takes you away, no matter where you are from. Sometimes it ́s deep, sometimes it ́s mellow. It can make you dream and it can make you weep. Dance and sing with joy or close your eyes and feel what lies beneath.

Sound Sample

Siren Sisters feat. Treasure Irie

Skiclub Toggenburg





Spirit Architect


Stella Chiweshe

The 71-year old Stella Chiweshe is Zimbabwe's internationally most prolific performer, being a prominent star in the 1.0 days of "world music" in the 1980es and early 1990es. Since then, things have been getting a bit quiet around the "queen", which is currently changing for good, since Stella is still a breathtakingly powerful and highly spiritual performer... her traditional "Mbira" music (the word is both categorizing the instrument and the style) is a medium to establish contact with the spirits of the deceased ancestors and thus also able to bring about community among the listeners. Stella's recent November 2017 tour also functioned as a fundraiser for a center of traditional music Stella is currently building from scratch just outside of Harare. Highlights were gigs at key venues and festivals such as Café OTO, Holland's Le Guess Who Festival? or Berlin's new feminist We Make Waves Festival. In October 2018, Glitterbeat will release Stella Chiweshe's long-expected new album.




Vielen sicher von ihrer vohrigen Band Labrassbanda bekannt, konzentrieren sich die beiden heute auf analoge Sound-Kreationen mittels Modularsystem. Was andere Produzenten allein aufgrund der Größe der Maschinen nur im Studio stehen haben, bringen Mario und Tobi auf die Stage, beziehungsweise auf den Dancefloor. Ganz in Boiler-Room-Manier stehen die Künstler mit dem Rücken zum Publikum, geben den Blick frei auf ein Meer von Kabeln und Buchsen, und kreieren damit ein Feuerwerk von Melodiekaskaden und treibenden Beats. Mario Schönhofer – Modular Synthesizer



Symbiz is the Ghetto Bass Band from Berlin-Kreuzberg. As a rave-commando-unit with DIY controllers, live vocals and Forward Sound they take over stages and clubs around the world. The concerts, solely based on their own productions, are infamous. As a production team SYMBIZ are constantly on the lookout for fresh, new styles and inspirations. Therefor they always search for like-minded collaborators around the globe, may they be the up-and-coming township rap sensation or well established heroes of bass-heavy music.

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These Hidden Hands

These Hidden Hands // 2016 Formed in 2012, These Hidden Hands is an experimental electronic group consisting of Alain Paul and Tommy Four Seven. Both British born artists having settled in Berlin, they have pursued their own individual musical careers whilst simultaneously evolving the concept of These Hidden Hands. The group’s self titled debut album was released in 2013 via their own creative platform, Hidden Hundred. This soon cemented their reputation for creating innovative, atmospheric and boundary pushing electronic music. The release of the album lead to a debut live performance at Berlin’s renowned experimental concert, Not Equal, held at Berghain, as well as a live broadcast for Boiler Room, as part of the CTM festival. In addition to the album, they invited some carefully selected musicians, including Kangding Ray, Marcel Dettmann and Lakker, to remix several tracks from the album, released across two further 12" EPs. Earlier this year These Hidden Hands resurfaced with 'These Moments Dismantled’, a single featuring Lucrecia Dalt, released on Hidden Hundred. In August, These Hidden Hands released their sophomore LP, ‘Vicarious Memories.’ After much critical acclaim the duo performed an exclusive live A/V show at Berlin Atonal.

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The Spy from cairo

Tim Engelhardt

Toni Wobbie

Toroki & Isayah

Trinity Tales


UJI (Luis Maurette) is a nomadic electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised throughout Latin America. His music is dance floor bound: rooted in various indigenous traditions while borrowing from the aesthetics and sound design of electronic music.

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Urgent Union

Vibe Roulette


Wide Awake

Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt

Wolke 7

XV Kilist & Rocco