Theatre & Performances

Amanda Babaei Vieira - "Jörg Pilawa / H.P. Lovecraft"

Angela Schubot/Jared Gradinger

Anna Kuch - "Würstchen der Wahrheit"

CARE CONFUSION COLLECTIVE - "Was ist das Gegenteil von Hausarbeit?"

Cia. Maduixa - Mulïer

FIVE WOMAN + STILTS DANCE + VISUAL POETRY + EMOTIONS Mulier is a dance on stilts interpreted by five dancers. The show was born from the need to explore female identity through the body, emphasizing the image, visual poetry and storytelling to reach the sensitivity of the spectator. This show is a tribute to all women who for centuries and centuries of oppression have fought and are still fighting to keep living their wildest side, and claiming the right to dance and run freely through the streets and squares of our society


Cointreau on Ice

Das Gute Leben

Das Vollplaybacktheater

Der Chor - "Ein Chor zerträumt sich als Individuum"

DIE GRÄFIN - "Life is a broken Horse"

Frantics - Last

Frei-Spieler-Kollektiv - Exit_Kuckucksnest

Joachim Hamster Damm



Maraña is a aesthetic experience. It’s an installation completely knitted with wool. It takes the place where is installed, and transforms it in to a living space where the colours, materials, sensations, sound and emerging creatures take the public into a world without references. A place where thru abstraction we connect with the very basic shapes of the human subconsciousness. Nowadays this visual theatre company is based in Berlin and is a mix of chilean, cuban and german artists.


Max Pross - "Liebhaberinnen"

Mennerdy - Möchten Sie diese 404 Dateien unwiderruflich löschen?

Nils Kretschmer_David Vormweg

Nö Theater

Peer Gahmert Tim Gerhards

Siegfried und Joy

Stadttheaterdiven (& friends) - "Mein Text ist besser als deiner."

Twisted Fairground

Vegeta Wireless - "nice try / aus grauer Städte Mauern"