During the G20 summit the 1000GESTALTEN collective realized a performative art action together with over 1.200 people. The pictures went around the world. The talk about the background and implementation of the performance will naturally also present future plans. Let this be known: The idea should explicitly be an inspiration for all who would like to imitate it!

Antifeminismus in Bewegung. Lesung

The extreme right has been very successful in recent times establishing an anti-feminist view. Publisher Juliane and co-author Patrick read from the new anthology, give us a view into the bandwidth of organized anti-feminism and explore ways for counter strategies.

Auf der Suche nach außerirdischem Leben

The Unkown is scary, the Unknown is temtping. Since the beginning of humanity, mankind has always wondered about the night sky and the existence of other beings in the universe. The vast size of the known cosmos brings up speculations of entities on moons and extrasolar planets. This presentation gives an introduction into the science of astrobiology and its latest research.

Ben Yeger - Is there really a THEM?

Is there really a them? “Othering" and other distractions… An exploration of how the persistent narrative of scary”others” is impacting our human capacity for connection and deeper understanding. Ben will explore this question and its implications through the prism of his personal journey of being an Israeli Combatant through to transformative meetings and joint working with his supposed enemies, the Palestinians. A journey from a heart of war to a heart of Peace.

Berlin Werbefrei

The cities to those who live in them! If we don’t get active ourselves, if we don’t get together and fight the power of exploitation, others will decide on how our cities will be. In this workshop there’ll be tools, information, ideas, networks designed to empower you even after the festival to build the world you like. The end will be an interactive fanfare by the Haupttresen!

Doku-FiIm: KULTUR*KOSMOS ARBEIT - Rhythmus und Veränderung

In the past 20 years our utopian ideas have landed back down on earth. We experiment, try, discuss, change and do. The film only gives a small glimps into the art-creating network of KULTUR*KOSMOS but it mirrors the dimensions of work onto individual participants and – at the same time – shows how different they understand the phenomenon called work

Ene mene Miste… sinnvoll Entscheidungen treffen

A boss decides. We vote in a democratic way. We all sit in a circle and decide together. Different situations demand different ways of decision making. We know a lot and yet there is much more. This workshop acts as inspiration to take more intelligent decisions within your own team.

Family*Freaks - Über Gemeinschaften jenseits der Kleinfamilie

Automatic isolation of parents in small family structures. Constrictive gender roles. Mother’s ideal. Being overwhelmed. How do WE actually want to live as „families”? Sarah Diehl and the two artists from the festival FAMILIA UTOPIA speak about new models of solidary co-living. Finally, you get answers about alternative forms of living, social parenting and non-monogamous relationships!

Femme Rebellion Festival

Femme Rebellion Festival - music for gender equality on stage *Femme Rebellion* is a D.I.Y. Festival that wants to establish a non hierarchical space for musicians and music lovers of all gender. *100% D.I.Y., with the goal to be free from sexism, racism & money-madness.


Hat deutschsprachiger Rap ein Antisemitismus-Problem?

Nowadays press knows: German Rap contains antisemitic structures. At least since the Echo is cancelled, the scandal is vivid. We want to discuss: Is it true? How are conspiracy theories and solidarity with Palestine or Israel connected to this believe? Is it crucial to check Instagram stories of German speaking rappers? A dicussion talk with Marcus Staiger, Hip Hop marxist, activist, journalist and industrial climber from Berlin

Hate Speech und Fake News by Julia Krueger aka @phaenomen

Hate Speech and conspiracy theories formed a digital version of the old Tower of Babel. Political reactions felt short to meet the problem legally. Now, algorithms rule over the toxicity of content, thereby high-lightening chances and risks of artificial intelligence. In the end, we will have to decide: What to do? A roadmap

Jilian York: Should i Stay or Should I go?

User-generated content platforms like Facebook and Twitter reach monopolistic proportions. Tech companies have enormous power over what we can access and share and the input we as users and citizens have, is minimal. Increasingly, algorithms are being deployed to control how information is delivered to us. This talk will examine what we can do about it.

Jillian York: Your Body is a Honeypot

your body is a honeypot, Jillian York (Electronic Frontier Foundation) What does it mean to love out loud in a time of ubiquitous capture? Our physical selves are being recorded by proprietary image-capture systems that are used to infer behavioral traits and construct identities, challenging our notions of individual agency and a sovereign self. How humans live and love in the 21st century will be decided by how we balance governance, ethics and oversight of emerging technologies.

Kunst vs Climate Change - Immersing in ecosystems for love

TITLE: Immersing in ecosystems for love Can we learn to love others, who may not be human, enough to live in synchronicity together? Kat Austen will elaborate on multi-sensory ways of creating emotional connections with other entities in the environment. She will draw on her work in embodied, experiential artworks and will perform live a new musical composition from her project about empathy with the Arctic, “The Matter of the Soul”. name: Kat Austen



In 2018 Sex shouldn’t be a major issue for most people anymore. We’re all educated and relaxed, right? The book “Sex. 100 pages” by Katrin Rönicke gets to the bottom of this question in a very open and refreshing manner.

Relativitätstheorie for beginners -Steini

Everybody knows it but few really understand it, possibly the most famous equation in the world: E=mc2. What is the special and what is the general theory of relativity? How can we make sure that it really is correct? Is the universe expanding or are we just all getting smaller and smaller? Does the time stop when we move at the speed of light?

Soziokratie & Transition

Finding a balance between power and responsibility can be hard for groups to do. Too flat a structure can take ages to get something done, too hierarchical and people feel dominated. You can get to know how to run a group combining vertical and horizontal power and as well consent decision making. Using ideas from Sociocracy, Michael will give you an overview of shared governance processes. Michael Thomas from GB Transition Town movement


Unser Beitrag zur WM - Gesellschaftsspiele

Was macht uns wirklich sicher? Transformative Gerechtigkeit jenseits von Polizei & Gefängnis

What really makes us safe? Transformative Justice beyond Police & Prisons Police, punishment, jail, frontiers. These methods (re)produce violence obviously more than to stop it. What can we do to really stop violence, harassments and attacks within our communities? What makes us really safe? Antifeminismus in Bewegung Der extremen Rechten gelingt es in letzter Zeit nur zu gut, ein antifeministisches Bild zu etablieren. Die Herausgeberin Juliane und Mitautor Patrick lesen aus dem neuen Sammelband, geben einen Einblick in die Bandbreite des organisierten Antifeminismus und suchen Wege, um Gegenstrategien zu liefern. The extreme right has been very successful in recent times establishing an anti-feminist view. Publisher Juliane and co-author Patrick read from the new anthology, give us a view into the bandwidth of organized anti-feminism and explore ways for counter strategies. Workshop will be held in English and German.

"When she talks, I hear the revolution"

Performative panel about female* participation in the music business with Asja Tomasi, festival and club booker, Emilia Miguez, organizer of events and founder of a feminist collective in Leipzig and Shermine Sawalha, organizer of events and producer in Jordan. The goal of increasing female participation in music, art & culture is growing, but like in many areas, the music biz sits in the hands of men*. Or what? Resistance, solidarity and the goal of autonomy and female empowerment must be demanded. Women* network and empower each other and create their own role models. The stage, lineups and studios have to be occupied by feminists!

Yes We Ban! Mit ICAN unterwegs zum Atomwaffenverbot

YES WE BAN! The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner ICAN on the journey towards banning nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons are back in the headlines, but that’s a good thing. We may have forgotten about the danger, but the truth is nuclear weapons and the danger posed by them – through accident, miscommunication, or by design – never disappeared. Now it´s about the ban of nuclear weapons and why this is the first step to abolish them.

ZPS vs. peng: Dreikampf der Kommunikationsguerrilla

They step up against largest of enemies: Secret services, European border regimes, large corporations – but in the good leftist tradition, today they won’t leave it out to fight each other. Welcome to the ring two narcissistically disturbed white men who pull all punches in the methodical triathlon with which they usually bash the evil in the world. The audience cheers and boos, the winner is showered in subsidies, the loser has to clean the Bavarian State Chancellery for a year.