Cie. Transe Express - Mù - Cinematic of fluids

Mù – Kinematic of fluids is a fantastic and poetic trip through the material. The mystics call it Genesis. Scientists name it the Big Bang. We'll just play poets and evoke sensitively the origin of the material. We will play the alchemists and walk you through the table of elements. A trip ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ follows the footsteps of the giant Jules Verne. You will go through all states, transfigured by the music of stamen instruments from a land anemone and sounds of a star in a perpetual motion. Salamander gargoyles straight out of their mineral sleep will serve you as a catalyst to walk through fire without burning your wings; you will fly on the croup of an air stream and prepare for the big dive into the heart of the abyss. Like in a Jérôme Bosch painting, fish leave the bowl and the machinery becomes organic- it’s by the siren song we will be all immersed in the same euphoria bath of sea floor.