10 Mark DJ Team

12inchkid & Míša

45/7 Vinyl Club feat. FELOX

Acid Pauli

Adana Twins

Afro Centric Soundsystem presents Mista Wallizz

afro centric soundsystem is all about the full beauty of african music. our focus is on the current club sounds mainly from places like nigeria, ghana, angola and south africa, but we also embrace all kind of styles from across the continent and from the diaspora. at fusion festival afro centric soundsystem features hamburg’s own soundsystem legend silly walks and berlin’s top dj mr wallizz for your musical pleasure.

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Afro Centric Soundsystem presents Silly Walks

afro centric soundsystem is all about the full beauty of african music. our focus is on the current club sounds mainly from places like nigeria, ghana, angola and south africa, but we also embrace all kind of styles from across the continent and from the diaspora. at fusion festival afro centric soundsystem features hamburg’s own soundsystem legend silly walks and berlin’s top dj mr wallizz for your musical pleasure.


Alexander Scharf


Analog Africa DJs


André Pahl

André Pahl (Berlin) is known for his Safari mixes—pitched down cinematic journeys through uncharted seas, forbidden deserts and distant galaxies. His sound tends to oscillate between psychedelic trips, experimental disco and voodoo percussion, exploring the slowed-down heartbeat of danceable music.

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Andre Victor

Anile & MC Fava

Arkadius & Lil Momo

Armando Letico

Armin Schmelz

Arne Spremberg

Arne stands for gritty sounds, as if straight from the mind of a machine paired with blistering and never wavering analogue grooves. He masters his craft in being a DJ that catches a crowd and uncompromisingly drives them to ecstasy in his very unique way.

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Arrogant und Anschmiegsam


Aucel b2b Wolfke


DJ, promoter and owner of a music label - audite alias Jan Stern, ranks among the most important and defining figures in respect of Breakbeat in Germany. Over a decade now he regularly pumps conceptually totally various mix series into the net and impresses therby the audience. His three event series Boundless Beatz (Drum & Bass + Dubstep/Breaks/HipHop), Soul Patrol (Deep/Soulful) and Fat Bemme (Neurofunk/Deep&Dark) emphasize audites versatility, which does also reflect in the label Boundless Beatz. Regardless of whether at festivals in summer or in clubs during winter as a DJ he travells the whole German republic and once more leaves behind a pleased audience.

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Aurora Halal


Baba The Knife

Bahare & Stecito



Barda is Cecilia Gebhard, producer, songwriter and DJ based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She builds her music as soundscapes, fusing organic textures and synthezisers, beatmaking and rhythmpatterns from all over the world. Focusing on latinamerican folklore but also in world music.

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Barrio Lindo

Barrio Lindo is the moniker of Agustin Rivaldo. Producer, Luthier and Co-Founder of Shika Shika Collective. Since his first release Sistema Respiratorio EP in 2012, Barrio Lindo is a well know name in the Southamerican new wave. Since then he released 4 eps and 2 albums via Shika Shika, Project Mooncircle, Bad Panda records. Alongside his solo career he collaborate permanently with El Búho with their project History of Colour. Barrio Lindo work is an encounter between southamerican traditional music and downtempo electronics full of organic sound, traditional instruments and colorful soundscapes. Arpeggios, melodies and groovy drums fill this landscape across the Andes mountains and the afro tropical heritage of South America. In the last 5 years Barrio Lindo presented his liveset alongside the globe in +20 countries around South America, North America and Europe, performing in festi- vals and venues like Nation of Gondwana (GER), Festival Nomade (CHI), Milhoes de Festa (POR), Manifesto (ITA), Sfinks (BEL), 3000 Grad (GER), Meow Wolf (USA), Goulash Disko (CRO), CCK (ARG), Casa Daros (BRA) and more.

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Bart Skils


In their work the bass and the offbeat built the musical foundation. To create a sound system vibe is the main goal of Basskateers activity. They build their own Soundsystem and provide the Dub stage at a couple of Festivals with it. Always open for different styles in Bass music they are known for their mixing skillz and fine selection of Reggae, Dub, Steppas, Global Bass and a very special performance. BASSKATEERS gonna spread „Musical Edutainment“ to the people.

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DJ Bayawaka is Golan Aflalo from Jerusalem / Israel, presently living in Berlin. Broken beats, psybass, breaks and chillout have been mixed by Bayawaka in unique way.

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Bebe Beat Match & Bam Chaca Lon


Benjamin Fröhlich

berries berlin


BFAN is a Tunisian DJ and filmmaker based in Berlin. He is a dedicated digger of the African and Oriental sounds spectrum. His mixes are like a film with a smooth storytelling, shifting angles and perspective with a constant reflection to his motherland.

Bildet Katzen

Billy Kenny

Birdman & Pronto & Official Breakdance

Black Seed Soundsystem

BL Brixton


Blint is the artistname of Felix Nisblé. He is a DJ and Producer living and working in Berlin. In 2015 he founded Blintmusik a small DIY Imprint for his musical output, which saw three releases so far. His style is oscillating between various forms of Techno, from Detroit to Berlin, Breakbeat to Electro, with audible roots in 90's Hip Hop Beats.

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blockparty = goldfinger brother + dj bazooka + ez iron cee + stoecker stereo

Blue Hour

Bony Selektor

Booty Carrell

Brian Brainstorm

Britta Arnold




Buruntuma is not just the name of a small village in Guinea-Bissau, in fact it is also the name of a DJ who is currently causing a stir in the Portuguese afrohouse scene . Tradicional music from his native Guinea-Bissau is one of his central elements, alongside with the flavored sounds from all across Africa to the suburbs of Lisbon. Buruntuma has long since arrived in the Portuguese diaspora, but now he also wants to accommodate the music of his West African homeland on the global dancefloors

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Cabaret Closing



Casimir Von Oettingen



Çaykh is the dj moniker of berlin-based and hamburg-born Nicolas Sheikholeslami who is also a member of the live & recording projects “Circuit Diagram“ and “Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra“. Eclectic are his musical interests and so are his dj-sets & radio shows. Researches that than turned mixes covered regions like Turkey, Ethiopia, Indonesia, South Africa, Sudan and Somalia. The latter research resulted in a teaming up with New York’s “Ostinato Records“ to co-produce the compilation “Sweet As Broken Dates - Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa“. Besides mixes and sets based on the region of it’s origin Çaykh also likes to play sets of music that tend to rather concentrate on a certain red thread or attribute that he senses in the selected music, regardless of it being spiritual Jazz, modular synth freak outs, or so-called traditional music from any region of the world.

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Çerikunda is an Istanbul-Berlin based music searchers and DJ crew, have been exploring the hidden sounds of intercontinents; continuing to shine and boost the dust of sounds with their radioshows, mixtapes, experiments and DJ Sets since 2006 . With Ç guarantee!

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Chris Schwarzwälder


DJ, VJ, performer and producer from Sao Paulo and living in Lison, Ágatja Barbosa (Cigarra) is a member of Tropical Twista Records and VOODOOHOP's collective. She also heads 2 parallel projects, Jardim Eléctrico of video intervention and Jardim das Descoisas about kinderculture. Brasilian Culture's rhythms and world exotic sounds add to each other in her set contagious low frequencies and hypnotic seductive cuts. She plays her sets 10 of her 30 years and finalised her first EP 'Límbica' with songs that have been part of this most recent history of her collage work. Her researches are based on cultures both ancestrals and organic as urban and synthetic, and on guetto-electronics and psychedelic rock. There are songs based on sampling work, each one resounds a hurricane in a woman's voice and powerful.

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Coco Maria & Eli Pavel

Coco Maria (Cashmere Radio/Kreyol) is a colourful lady from the north of Mexico shaking down the Berlin scene with her classy and funky record collection mainly from Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Her upbeat selection will at the very least put a smile on your face but watching Coco Maria enjoy herself on the decks, completes the experience and makes non-believers dance till the sun sets in the new world. Host of the monthly show I dream of Piranhas for Cashmere Radio. eli started DJing in 1995 and is checkin ́the afrobeats at OYE Records, Berlin. being a resident at Berlin ́s Afroparty ́s such as VULKANDANCE, running by famous NOMAD or TROPICAL TIMEWARP created by The Soulvendor, she ́s running a project with Rita Só as UNDOTHETABOO and is a member of berlins Krèyol crew. an obsessive gal, drunk with music, digger, vinyl concubine

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Commander Love

Cpt Acd & Lexi

Crille & Tamalt




Daniel Krau

Mister Krau mischt nicht einfach nur Musik oder legt Platten auf, er kreiert, verbindet und entwickelt sich selbst und seinen Sound, seit nunmehr 15 Jahren, immer weiter. In der Neon-Krau-Zone des Technoiden-Universums treiben uns seine Sets an den Rand der Erschöpfung und in die Mitte unseres Wesens. Er ist ein mondsüchtiger Sonnenanbeter und Navigator einer Rebellion von Tönen.

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Das Zirkuskind

Dave Dinger & Matija

David Dorad


Dein Alibi

Demir & Seymen feat. CCCat

Dengue Dengue Dengue

Dengue Dengue Dengue is a Tropical Bass duo. Behind the masks are Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, two producers, dj’s and graphic designers from Lima-Perú.Their work explores the rhythms from Peru and other parts of the world, recreating them electronically by mixing new and old, analog and digital, to create a unique sound and visuals. Their musical explorations go from psychedelic cumbia to dub, from salsa to footwork, from tribal to techno. Their visual and sound palette continues to grow and add new flavors to this melting pot.

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Depth Range

Depth Range is a collective of different artists, founded in 2012 in South Germany/ Ulm. Their music focuses on Bass music with the influence of Footwork, Juke, Jungle, Wonky Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and and everything in between of the UK underground culture. The crew leaders ReDraft and SRP work together with different artists and crews from all over the world. Today the Depth Range Crew is a well established crew in the underground scene which provides a space for different projects and promoters of several bass shows. So far, they have released and performed alongside world class artists such as Alix Perez, Halogenix, Fixate, Jon1st, Dub Phizix & Strategy Hyroglifics and many more. Without giving you guys too much away, keep looking forward !

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Der Baui

Der Gammler


Dis Fig

DJ Ausbruch

DJ Badre

DJ Clod

Dj Drenan

Dj Dustin

DJ Hornhaut

DJ Kayelord

Dj Légères & Ilja Gabler

DJ Lobotomy

DJ Madd

DJ Marcelle

Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education: Four key words often used for describing Dutch DJ and producer Marcelle/Another Nice Mess. Using live (and in the studio) three turntables, Marcelle takes her mix talents to high heights. She is as much, or even more of, a musician as she is a dj. By putting different styles of music in a different context, Marcelle changes the way we experience those individual styles. She fuses musical styles like no other, making it seem like they always belonged together and making the audience believe they are listening to one track instead of three played simultaneously! She plays with expectations and roles: Environmental sounds are combined with avant garde noises, animal sounds are used and mixed with left field techno, free jazz, weird hip hop, cutting edge electronica, new African dance music, dubstep, dancehall and lots of less classifiable records.

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DJ Ninjagonzo

DJ Nirso

Rodrigo Fonseca (aka Nirso) is a brazilian musician, DJ and producer. After graduating in Music university and after many years playing in all kinds of musical projects, in 2012 he started to produce remixes, edits and compose for eletronic music. In July 2015 he released his first EP by the chilean label REGIONAL. The EP had 3 original songs and 6 remixes by Pa Kongal, Señor Chancho, Bleepolar, El Buga, Mr Teen and Qapac. Nowadays he’s a resident DJ at the SONIDO TROPICO party in Sao Paulo, where he shared the stage with big names from the new electronic scene like Nicola Cruz, Chancha via Circuito, Matanza, Thornato, El Remolon, Sidirum, Barrio Lindo, Oceanus Orientalis, Tribillin Sound, Bigote and many others.

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DJ Nomad

Nomad does not necessarily put a label on his style , but always expresses love for Polyrythms, Soulful harmonies and the African drums and Percussion. He’s notorious for finding fresh world music dance tracks all around the globe, before they become hits, and a massive collector of Tropical Soul, Funk and Disco. His energetic and surprising , always fresh DJ set's earned him a residency in Paris's infamous TROPICAL DISCOTEQ Parties among the best Dj's of the genre. He is the founder of VULKANDANCE Parties, Blog and Label in Berlin

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DJ Qrichi (Eck Echo Berlin)

Qrichi is the DJ name of Diego Hernandez, Peruvian-born and currently based in Berlin, Germany where he chases after Eck Echo, the little god of the Andes with a secret bag of mysterious sounds from the depths of Latin America. Along his constant travels and exchanges, Qrichi has amassed a collection of records that narrate the bittersweet, often ecstatic episodes of remotes corners of the New World. Vintage sounds sublimely adapted to contemporary dancefloors.

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dj romavilo

DJ Smokey 666

DJ Smokey is a Phonk/HipHop Artist & Producer hailing all the way from Canada and is here to showcase his massive production style.

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DJ Smut

DJ soFa

Dj soFa has been digging deep into all kinds of music for about 20 years. One of Brussels most wanted DJs who keeps the people moving in numerous different settings. Without limits in time, genre or space, this rare-record-detective delights the most curious ears without compromises. Over the last years soFa has been working on outstanding reissues with cult labels such as Finders Keepers and Sub Rosa and in 2017 he launched his highly acclaimed series of "elsewhere" compilations.


Dj Tennis


Dole & Kom

Donna Leake & Ece Duzgit


Dr Calavera & Karate Tschabi Sounds Of Tropico

Dr Calavera & Karate Tschabi aka Sounds Of tropico are 2 resident Djs in the Hamburg night scene. They Play a mix of Tropical House, Cumbia digital, Downtempo and Organic electronic sounds. his Sets are full of latin and percusive beats from sudamerica. his Party Project Sounds Of Tropico move artists from latinamerica in Hamburg since 2 years, always lookin and promoting the new tendence in the latinamerican music scene.



Dynamic Klits

Ece Özel

Ecorn Olsen


Always lost between space and time. Always on the run, hard to catch. Sometimes the sounds are raw, sometimes dreamy and light-footed. Who wants to understand the music of Einmusik needs to go deeper. Listen a second time, breath a third time and throw away all your expectations. Only a few steady components, no easy schemes. House, techno, trance and breakbeats – everything flows into each other and ends up in a unique symbiosis.


El Buho

El Búho aka Robin Perkins was born in the rolling hills of northern England but found his musical home in the forests of Latin America. His music blends together the rhythms, mythologies and melodies of his adopted continent with the sound of waterfalls, birdsongs, crackling leaves and a modern electronic aesthetic. The result is a dreamy, deep, melodic journey that entrances as much through headphones as it does on the dancefloor. He has released music on Wonderwheel Recordings, ZZK Records and Antartek and collaborated with producers and musicians like Luzmila Carpio, Lucas Santanna, Chancha Via Circuito, Mercedes Nasta, Lagartijeando, Matanza and Barrio Lindo He also co-runs global artists collective Shika Shika and coodinated the non-profit album “A Guide to the Birdsong of South America”. Currently based in Paris, France he has played or lived in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Seoul, Amsterdam, Glasgow and more.

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Electronic Elephant b2b Sonnensysteme

Elias Doré

Elli & Konstantin



Ambassador of Bassmusic, DJ & Promoter of things with bassive Breakbeats similar to Jungle / Drum&Bass / Dub / Halftime / Footwork

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El Vago



Music as a subject is constantly evolving from uncountable influences. In order to understand the history, emotions and structures of certain periods and their musical output, esclé decided to go on a seemingly and hopefully never ending journey of research. His djing can be as diverse as music itself. From concept based to atmospheric listening focus or straight dance music. His researches are mostly based and influenced by Tribal, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, traditional Folklore, Ambient, Industrial, Punk and Techno from around the world. For this years set at fusion he will focus on the psychedelic/ experimental Rock and Jazz movement of the 70 ́s and early 80 ́s from Scandinavia, mainly focusing on Swedens scene.

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Eule.nhaupt & Molle.nhauer

Fabian Reichelt b2b Multimo

Falko Teichmann

Fannie Mae

Fata + Morgana




Flo M.

Fourmï Rouz

Logeshen Moorgan, aka Fourmï Rouz, is a groundbreaking DJ/broadcaster/curator from the multiethnic subtropical island of Mauritius. With recent publications on Trax Magazine, The Ransom Note and Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel, Logeshen is currently touring Europe and India with portentous performances at Le Sucre in Lyon, the 39th edition of Transmusicales festival in Rennes or Jodhpur Riff - Rajasthan’s International Folk Festival. Currently, he is the maitre d’oeuvre for creating a regional artistic collaboration amongst the islands of the Indian Ocean, aiming to preserve, revamp and disseminate their unique musical heritage throughout the world. Culminating in eminent partnerships with the likes of Nickodemus and Lefto, Logeshen’s worldwide musical excursion has, over the past decade, consolidated his reputation as one of the most avant-garde trendsetting artists in the region

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Frankey & Sandrino

Frans Ambient

Kashual Plastik `s head honcho is a protagonist of Neuköln`s vibrant scene, an influential disc jockey and selector, also thank to the cult radio show “ Plastik Universe” he hosts on Cashmere Radio. With his own label Kashual Plastik, he has been experimenting an authentic DIY approach made of intriguing graphic aesthetics and an "hard-to-pigeon-hole" sound which takes inspiration from 80ties Synth-wave, EBM as much as from Ambient electronics.

Sound Sample

Friendly Ghost


Fuchur b2b Tummetott




Originating from the northern black forest, Kris Jakob is a musician and DJ, who's been active in the electronic music scene in Hamburg for a decade now. His solo work under the F#X alias sets its core in the correspondence of live electronics, shaped by tapes and tubes fed with algorithmic sequences.

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Gabriel Ananda


gazelle horn

Gina Sabatini



Good Cooper/Bad Cooper


Green Lake Project

Gwen Wayne

Gwen Wayne & Lina


Haunted Water


Heavy Mental

Heimlich Knüller

Helge Misof


HÖÄH & Judith Crasser

Holy Six

Hoppe & Baskind

HP 76 aka HP Sauce

His passion for Brazilian records is an ongoing project, always digging gems awaking a sound from a forgotten era.

Sound Sample

Hr. Klotz

Human Element

Indira Paganotto

Indira sets are full of groove and forcefulness, she draws on elements from all genres including psyprogressive, minimal, techno, and house, not afraid to blend genres or styles , always with organic acid touches ,reminiscent of her heritage musical. This energetic eclecticism has become her main signature, with her constant smile.

Sound Sample

// Inexpressible Island ///


Ixindamix (SP23)

James Darle


Jane Ulé

Jan Oberlaender

Jeanette Trèsbien

Jennifer Cardini

Jimmy Trash & Gwendolyn Millhill

Job Jobse

Johannes Ton



Josh Brown

just emma



Kaleema's music is where the organic and the exotic collide. Her songs contain notes of South American melodies, African folklore, all coming together under contemporary electronic beats. Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowsky- born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was classically trained on the violin. Taking that foundational knowledge, she began to travel and study music all over the world, with influences from afro-colombian rhythms to modern hip hop seeping into her music as she moved. Kaleema's home base is Buenos Aires, where she collaborates with heavy hitters in the electronic folk scene.

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K.D.S. is DJ since his 11 years old; he discovered electronic music in 2001 that he is playing as an expert at the young age of 32. Moreover, he organized and played in several events across the world from his youngest age. Those travels and meetings helps him to find more and more ideas for his music. He could play many different style of groovy music together, and he has the gift to target his public in every performance with lot's of energy on stage. He expresses his music in a theatrical happy way. You will Keep Da Smile & dance!







When this lady appears behind the decks, the famous Trance groove of scene hotspot Hamburg shows one of its brightest sides: Having a distinct feeling for the right music at the right moment, Kimie knows exactly how to send her audience from one euphoric climax to the other. And she does so with good reason. Born and grown up in the North German metropolis of Hamburg, Kimie could be described as pretty much party-experienced. Already in 1999 she was among the core audience on the dance floors of the Hanseatic city as well as at the summer open air festivals. Accordingly she knows very well about these places. And surrounded by lots of creative friends, among them some of the protagonists of the North German producer scene like Alexander Ligowski, Magical, Fabio, Neelix, Galactika or Day.Din, it was only a question of time until Kimie became interested in participating actively in the musical aspects of a party. When she tried her first mixes in 2006, she showed the same enthusiasm and passion like when dancing. This is most probably also the reason why she made considerable progress in no time. An experience she will never forget was the opening of the Trance floor at Fusion Festival 2009. The same summer Kimie could be heard also at Vuuv and Indian Spirit. Beside being a resident at Hamburg’s Juice Club she represents the renowned Progressive label SpinTwist Records at her both national and international gigs since 2009 for example Airbeat One Festival, Halfmoon Festival in Thailand, Indian Spirit and Psychedelic Circus in northern Germany


With Kleintierschaukel from the realm of Laut & Luise, the doors open widely to a magical world. A musical journey deriving from dreams, drives its audience far beyond of its musical means. No matter if loudly, or gently immune, its sound never fails to strike the accurate tune. From singing birds and dancing leafs, to dreamy woods, meadows and elds, it is playful joy the Schaukel yields, driven by moments of ecstasy. Between driving synths and sluggish drums, it is the sound of the world which invites to dance. Melancholically in trance or time wishfully spent, you escape for a moment to wonderland. Resem- bling a face otherwise only known from a tale, it is the magic of the Schaukel which you entail.



Rigged with savoury textures and solid substance this driving force serves full flavored sunlight shots for your immediate consumption.

Sound Sample

Kotelett & Zadak



Krause Duo


Kristof Maria

Kristof Maria - Northern Soul/60s DJ Set


“There are not a lot of things that influenced my life the way Drum and Bass did!” This quote of Gero Heckmanns, aka DJ Kronik, demonstrates the strong intimacy he has with “his music”. The energy behind the strident bass that comprises Drum&Bass has intrigued him since the beginning of the 90s, and has never let go to this day. It was quickly clear that he would end up behind the turntables and so it came that he first started to spin his own records in 2000. As he was a young DJ of great talent, only two months later he landed his first public gig and after a year of exploration, he joined the “DB-Sounddepartment”. Because of their support, his incredible mixing skills and his feel foor music, he soon became one of the most well known Drum&Bass DJs in Germany. His sound ranges from between melancholic and dark, but stays good to dance to and intense.

Sound Sample


Kutter Bei Die Fische

Lady Lite & MC Mary Jane

As one of Europe’s raggajungle pioneers and no stranger to international stages jungle queen Lady Lite is one of the most known ragga jungle DJs since 2000. Besides dj she’s also a respected Belgian underground event manager and fervent vinyl collector, getting international appreciation from both party heads and producers. For this special occasion mc Mary Jane will be hosting Lady Lite’s set like back in the days. These ladies will be burning the dancefloor with a blasting composition of lyrics, rhymes and kick-ass vinyl of the finest jungle, raggajungle & dnb.


La Fleur

La Fraicheur


Lagartijeando is the name of producer, musician and DJ Mati Zundel. Born, raised and currently living in a small town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Dolores. From a very early age, he was musically curious— experimenting with percussion, charango, guitar, bass, voice, and beyond. Strongly influenced by his travels through Latin America, Mati’s signature psychedelic dance tracks latch onto everything from traditional folk sounds from the Bolivian altiplano to the jungle beats of Brazil. Mati hypnotically fuses his traditional influences (with an emphasis on shaman chant and charango loops) with contemporary electronic beats, creating a sound that once left NPRspeechless. Lagartigeando was signed to the infamous ZZK Records in 2009 (Chancha Via Circuito, Nicola Cruz, etc.) on which he released his first EP Neobailongo— a mix of cumbias with electro and dubstep elements. After releasing the EP, Mati soon took to the road and dove deeper into the music of the Andes, studying charango and various traditional folk styles. In 2012, under the name Mati Zundel, he released his first full length album Amazonico Gravitante, via ZZK as well as Waxploitation (Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse) in the U.S. Some more miles later, Mati released his second LP Cardos Redondo also on Waxploitation, which featured 8 songs recorded across Latin America— an album he calls an ‘imaginary sound map of Latin America,’Freshly into 2017, Mati brings us El Gran Poder via Wonderwheel (Novalima, Alsarah & The Nubatones)— named after an important Aymara festival that takes place in Bolivia and Peru, purely to celebrate family. At these festivals, the community also celebrates their culture and the importance of the collective identity. Like these festivals, the album is a celebratory one, and will tempt any listener out of their seat. The album was recorded in Mati’s town, Dolores, outside of Buenos Aires. Once again taking a huge variety of sounds— this time influenced by Brazilian house, afro-brazilian rhythms, and folkloric Andean music. All songs are written and produced by Mati, apart from Lunita, a danceable track written in collaboration with Barrio Lindo. The album was mixed in Mexico by Andres Oddone and mastered in Buenos Aires by Sebastian Cordovan

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Laura Weider

Lazy Lörres

Leon Kostner

Levin Mühlstein


Lo Kindre

Lord Byron Styropor


Lotte Ahoi

Løve b2b Gustavo Grilo

Luk LeChuck

"Thanks to Napster and Myspace, Luk LeChuck found his strong love for music when he was a young teenager and rapidly bounded with low frequencies and beats. Since then this ambitious DJ, beatmaker, promoter and ‘Sonder Void’ label founder developed a distinguished style of forward thinking electronic beats and learned how to make a club quake to its very core. Always on the time consuming hunt for the most breathtaking electronic sounds of tomorrow, Luk LeChuck won't shy away from packing a lot of different musical underground truffles in his sets to share his idea of modern bass music."

Sound Sample


L X C top-secret agent at the hidden bureau of sub bass research, breakbeat spotting & cyantific sound surgery LXC is an audio tinker based in leipzig, creating pretty much everything between ambient and hardcore, with a focus on breakbeats, dubwise soundscapes and a heavy amount of sub bass.

Sound Sample

Ly Da Buddah


Mad Lubi


Maga Bo

Spanning the breadth of international urban bass music, Maga Bo's work makes connections between the organic and the electronic, the traditional and the avant-garde and the local with the global. In his live performances, original productions and remixes from his far reaching creative collaborations take new forms mixed along side the latest productions from the electronic world and obscure gems from distant lands.

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Since more than two decades, DJ Malcolm has collected the nectar of electronic music. Therefor he likes it fresh and nutritious as for example the current Dubstep, Grime and UK Funky releases from Great Britain. In addition, Malcolm is one of the last active dj of the early Leipzig clubscene. In those days he performed on many events and a bunch of long forgotten locations. Whether thrilling acid baselines at Deelight rave or rooty Chigago House flair at Distillery basement he has always enthused the audience with his selections and his technical finesse at controllers and faders.

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Malka Tuti Soundsystem

Malu Mujer



Named The Jungletek Queen by her fans, Mandidextrous is truly an inspirational producer and performer. The real driving force behind Amen4tekno with all the creative ideas behind the label and the sound. A pioneer in the genre of Jungletek she is a delight to watch on the decks with full throttle energy from start to finish.

Sound Sample



Marc Romboy

Marcus Carp

Marcus Meinhardt

Hailing from Thüringen, the DJ and producer Marcus Meinhardt nowadays calls the Berlin club- and music scene his home and he is definitely one of its most important representatives. He plays regularly on the big floors of legendary clubs and he knows how to rock! His tech- house sound leaves nothing to be desired. Purr, purr!

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Marcus Worgull


Marten Hørger

Germany’s MARTEN HØRGER takes everything we love about House, Trap and Broken Beat to turn its something that is not just totally unique... but also incredibly successful.

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Martha van Straaten

Martin Moritz

In his afro-party Kalakuta, Hamburg-based Martin Moritz features music of subsaharan Africa from A to Z. From Angola to Zimbabwe, from Abidjan to Zaria, from Afrobeat to Zouglou, from 1960 to 2018.

Sound Sample


Mat.Joe. Matze and Johannes, two young men with a Hip Hop and House affection conquering Berlin. Their productions come to life in a Neukölln backyard where studio equipment and DJ decks meet desiccated plants. A natural development when music has become the top priority from dusk till dawn.

Sound Sample

Mat Mushroom

Matthias Meyer b2b Luko


Born in the far North of Germany, Matti had lived in six cities before making a defining stop in London that eventually brought him to electronic music and Berlin in 2012. Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul coined his musical beginnings, and while he has since moved on, they can still be found in the music he plays today: a style that is just as diverse as his geological upbringing, a panopticum of smooth, warm, spheric and mystical sounds.

Sound Sample



Mc Parvez

MC Resc

28 years old „mc resc“ is is part of the Random-rooster located in Basel in Switzerland. Over the years he has built up a reputation as a classic live-host over dj sets on the deeper side of DnB with the likes of artists like Skeptical, QZB or Mefjus. In collaboration with the Portuguese label counterpoint he released his first vocals over tunes from QZB, DBRUK & Mikal or Skylark. He can be described as a lyrical mc looking for space in the sound to reinforce it and to support the DJ. He sees himself just like another line in the composition or like that missing bonus on a dj-set giving enough space to let the music flower out.

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Mehmet Aslan


Mika Dutsch

Mimi Love

Mira & Chris

Miss the. Point

Mista Savona

Mista Wallizz


Moa Anbessa

Mo Chan

Moji b2b Barnabass

Mokt Blied & Spoul

Molle aka Mollono.Bass

Monkey Maffia

Monkey Safari



Moto & Minx

Moto and Minx playing vinyl. Psycho-active ram schakl from inside to the outside and insideout. Tonal psycho-therapy for usefulless people with and without a voice. Transfictional sounds stimulating brain and feet. Repetition guaranteed. For permission to vinyl-examination please ask the others. Soulmusic - Funk - psychoactive Pop - musicfromothers.

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Mr Tchu


Mystic Dan

Naroma & Ramona

After crossing paths at Festival Nomade in Chile, Naroma and Ramona decided to continue their flow and share more time slots. Ramona digged and spinned around in the U.S , Naroma in Europe. Together they fuse electric-ethnic-eclectic. Ee hope for another legendary casino-closing providing relaxation and revitalization.

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Nele & Lion


Nicola Cruz

Niconé b2b Dirty Doering


NRD - نَرد;

NRD, Arabic root for dice or random, is a DJ Selector from Bethlehem, Palestine. Since early 2015, he is also a producer that goes under the name of QAA with a Qanoun/Electronic Fusion project. Laith is the founder of Radio Nard; the first Middle Eastern independent radio station, that introduces many Arab and international DJs, selectors, artists & bands. Radio Nard is broadcasting online, having a podcast series on Soundcloud, and also organizes some of the biggest parties in Palestine’s Electronic and Global music scene.

Nur Jaber



Tatiana Saphir aka Dj Obstsalat's music salad is a mix of electropikal bass vibes. A good portion of peruvian-colombian-argentinian digital cumbia with southafrican kwaito, a bit of dancehall, dub, moombahton and some global bass from everywhere. Usually "no-hits policy" is applied, although some exceptions are to be expected… Tatiana Saphir aka Dj Obstsalat was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2007, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She's a performer, Dj and plus-size Fashion Blogger.. As DJ Obstsalat she played in parties and Festivals in Argentina, Colombia, Southafrica, Italy, Austria and France. She helped organizing Parties such as "Republika Bananera" and "Tropical Invaders" in Berlin. She collaborated as part of the crew at the collective La Chusma Records (Berlin).

Oceanvs Orientalis


"Oddz is active in the Ramallah underground for over ten years already organizing Parties, DJing and bringing Techno and Underground Vibes to Palestine. The effort he put in building up this scene didn’t stay unnoticed, that’s what brought him to cities like Amman, Berlin, Beirut, Vienna and Istanbul. Where his unpredictable yet amazing sets fascinated people every time.“

Oliver Koletzki

Oliver Noël

Om Unit




Ossia has become notorious for bending the rules of genre & club convention, easily taking in the deepest of depth charges or high-powered dancefloor mania at any given time, with constant twists and turns keeping each and every one on their feet right until the last sweaty minute. He favours movement and energy over monotonous tempo or style restrictions, always drawing from a wide range of records that inform his sound, peppered with exclusive cuts and rarities that are often interspersed with extra effects and trickery in the process.

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Ozan Maral

Ozan Maral was the regular presence on the underground music scene of Istanbul. Besides running one of the oldest and best record shop in town; Deform Music, he was also event manager at arkaoda Istanbul. Now based in Berlin and partner & promoter at arkaoda Berlin club. He plays a wide variety of music styles, from cosmic synth oddities to obscure waves, outernational grooves to disco.

Papa Boom & Sam Grier


paris aus hilton

Pat Le Mandragore

When sound becomes colour Pat le Mandragore paints pictures into space. Based in Hamburg Germany he is a member and free electron of Atomes Music from Paris which is one of Frances most sophisticated Psytrance-Culture collectives. Pat’s natural aim for borderless connections around the globe reflects his approach to be a real Chameleon in the sound universe. Throughout many years of DJing experience and multi-dimensional travelling he has incorporated pretty much any sort of expressions from the land of facemelt - which has gained him a strong reputation to be a reliable and versatile musical storyteller who never ceases to amaze the audience. You are most spirally invited to plug in and witness his pure psychedelic distillation of contemporary Psytrance grooves with that certain twist, well known to set any possible dancefloor on fire!"

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Patrice Baumel

Paul On Out

PAV Allstars

Pawel Popowitsch & Danny Deule

Peach Orbit

Peer Kusiv

He is constantly searching for samples to fit his original tunes to create new arrangements. The result is most often an intoxicating new sound experience. Peer‘s songs vary from dance floor fillers to easy lounge tunes; no matter the style, they enjoy a fast growing audience. The sound of Peer Kusiv is now being recognized far beyond the borders of his home town Kiel, due to the success of his debut album "Natur & Techno". The album is a mirror for Peer Kusiv's capacity to create diverse music, which animates to dance. And it even comes for free.


Peng & DJ Scheissegal

Peter Petzold



Philipp Harms

"fræshness founder Philipp Harms makes his rounds as a DJ and producer based in Halle (Saale) while holding a residency at Monkey Safaris Charles Bronson. Sonically moving between melodic house and techno in his sets, Philipps similarly intricate productions made an appearance on labels such as Empore Music and From Halle With Love."

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Phonkycool & AlphaMob

Piano Lou & Tars

Pitchy & Scratchy

Pjotrek feat. Sutsche

Popov Marconi

DJ duo Popov Marconi is the combined magic of So’Ham and Burntale. Having played in Istanbul, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, they are currently working on their second mix, which will focus on oriental music.

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Power Suff Girls

Question Mark

Radio Reudnitz

Rafael Aragon

Rafael Aragon’s music is mainly club oriented, heavy bass ma-terial, yet delicate, maximalist and highly psychedelic. Sweaty dancefloor killers and soulful, enlightened anthems to cheer up and enjoy the beauty of life. With a very special, magic touch inspired by the ancient traditions of shamanism from all around the world. Mystic chimes, ritual drums and witchcraft incantations meet club kicks, filthy basslines and electronic batucada to provi-de a rich, dancy and psychedelic music for hips and ears

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Ranch Relax





Rey & Kjavik

A mystical and spiritual house DJ and producer born in Frankfurt, Germany. His music develops a journey capturing atmospheres in tones, mixing contemporary electronic music with oriental vibes, desertic rhythms & nomadic tunes bringing the listener to a peaceful achievement of musical freedom.


Ring & Dorf



RSS Disco

Ruckel + Homie



"Saiman played strictly underground Hiphop and Rap music from 1996 till 2005 at countless parties and venues throughout Berlin. In 2005 he was introduced to Dubstep and has been Bass-infected ever since. Saiman is famous for his vinyl-only-sets consisting of hot dubplates from rather unkown talents to very established Dubstep artists.

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An emblematic artist of the Palestinian underground scene, SAMA' previously known as SkyWalker is the first DJ to have imported the Techno movement into Ramallah. She started mixing in 2006 and producing her own music four years later. Her sound: a powerful punchy techno, dry and musical all at once, with a very personal twist. She graduated from the United-Kingdom with a BSc in Audio Engineering and Music Production, then moved to Cairo where she worked as a sound designer for film, music producer and trainer. Starting April 2017, SAMA' moved to Paris to work on her next album at the International City of Art in Paris.

Samantha Togni


Sander Markey


Sarah Farina

Sarah Farina sprinkles positivity over the darkest bass. She’s innovative, she’s skilful, and she’s the smiling antithesis of genre cliques and sour scene elitists. What you hear is all you need to know. And what you’ll hear from Sarah Farina’s sets is seamlessly blended bass-heavy footwork and futuristic beats, with fearless forays through R&B and UK Funky. It’s inclusive, forward-thinking and unrestrained. It’s a genre-rejecting style that she’s named rainbowbass.

Sarah Kreis & Caleesi

Sarah Kreis & Caleesi are two peas in a pod that have crafted their own recipe of slow tech. Their sound is a blend of uniquely curated soundscapes fused with flowing melodies and eclectic tracks. They each bring an individual knack for textured beats, warm synth lines and a shade of melancholia that goes beyond tempo or genre to the table. With their love for details and all things deep and groovy, they take their audience on a journey into the wide field of electronic music.

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Sascha Braemer

Sauna Rosé

Do you want the bubbly? You want some attitude? Do you want attitude? And the music? You get saunarosé. Founded by Elliver and Lassmalaura. They don't care about your zodiac sign. They stick together and make it work. That´s what they do. You can keep your shirt on.


Severe but melodic, melancholic but ecstatic, complex yet hypnotic and so slow that it is fast. - Schmeckefuchs' sound unites these seeming opposites to form a unique whole that is tough to resist.

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Scooby Dub

Scooby Dub (Spain) is a reference of the Global Bass scene in Berlin. His DJ residencies at the Eck Echo and Esperanza parties gained him recognition in the city and beyond, opening doors to gigs throughout Europe and America. Beginning his DJ career in 2002, he feeds off bass music from all around the world to develop dynamic sets and performances using and pushing his skills on the turntables. His sound - deep, global, and dark - gathers tradition and avant-garde together on the dance floor.

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Serial Killaz

SGT Pokes

Sick Crew

Sinyo Gryyyn

Six Six Seven


Smash Hifi

SMASH HIFI is the story of Leeroy Thornhill and Marten Horger who came together on a dark, sweaty, night, DJ’ing in an underground club in a small village in Germany and found a common love for everything bold, wild and unique! Buzzing with the sound of Breaks, Bass, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and everything in between they have become well known to bring that exact attitude to their out-of-genre style bursting SMASH HIFI DJ Sets at clubs and festivals throughout Europe.

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Soukie & WIndish


Sound Nomaden is a DJ and Producer based in Germany who is best known for his fusion of different vintage influenced music styles with 4 to the floor beats. With his melodic mix of vintage samples and electronic music he is making every crowd getting totally crazy to his positive sound.

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Sportbrigade Sparwasser

stifftronics b2b Albi Bæk


SUI & Albina


Sun People

Synthie & Ouzo

Teenage Mutants

The Chicken Brothers

Three styles on Vinyl

Tijana T



Tim Thestral


Tobi Tastic

Tony Casanova b2b Martin Saupe

Township Rebellion







Ulan Bator - Base & Derrick feat. Mystic Dan

These three guys are the most energetic jungle&dnb soundsytem from the eastern sphere. During their set you travel from Halfstep pressure over Jungle Amens to Rolling Drum and Bass. While pushing it foreward Base & Derrick pointing out the influences of Dub, Reggae and HipHop. The Master of Ceremony and Entertainer on this infectious Session is Mystic Dan as an real Dancehall Veteran.

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The sunshine duo from the rainy Netherlands, Umoja, is an organic evolution between two humble groove aficionados whose paths crossed over half a decade ago. They are dedicated to combine electronic productions with a perfect understanding of world rhythms. Their music presents an expression of their love for experimentation with African, South American and exotic traditions.

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Viken Arman live

Vivian Koch


Wouter de Moor


Multi-instrumentalist,Yeahman promotes the breaking down of barriers in music and a form of artistic universality without unoriginal transitions. His sounds mix up influences from all continents, drifting between tradition, cultural melting pot and modernity. In Spring 2017 he releases his new EP: Transborda, with Frente Bolivarista, a Brazilian avant-garde label, precursor of the new folk-electronic scene. During his five songs, he shapes his identity, based on ethnical and popular music, studded with new tropical sounds, and pierced by intense electronical vibrations.

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Yetti Meissner

Berlin born Yetti Meissner playing the piano at the age of 7 though admits she ́fell in love ́ the first time she learned to mix two records together in 2010, becoming fascinated and then obsessed with the musical possibilities. Practising relentlessly, she soon found her individual sound reaching from impulsive tech-house to powerful hard and deep techno but most of all animating and intensive.


Yør Kultura

Zigan Aldi Kollektiv

Zombie Cats