Cie. 100 Issues: Sonate pour 4 chiens

Cie. Burrasca: Obstinées

Circo Pitanga - Nuptial Ropes

Ready for a little burlesque and foolish touch? Welcome to a wedding full of thrilling rush! « Nuptial Ropes » is a modern circus performance, combining physical theater, high level acrobatics, mime and clown in a both sensitive and twirled universe…


Cirque Inextremiste: Extreme Night Fever. Circus & Music Party

Extreme Night Fever is above all a party: Unique, to see, to hear, to dance and especially to live. It is not an evening where anything can happen, but where everything arrives. Artists to taste, a mist with aphrodisiac scents, visual irrealities, tactile discoveries, a soaring hearing to turn a deaf person into a dervish. An imaginary world for the children and the unsuitable persons. A psychological cell will be proposed to the people having missed the party. And whatever happens, it will remain between us!


Cirque Pardi! Rouge Nord

Compagnia Zenhir: Ah, com'è bello l'Uomo

Companie Zed - ZAZI

La Briche Foraine

La Chinche Negra - Ridículo

La Piscine

My!Laika - Laerte