On top of the beats that have been bumping in the Middle East for centuries, 47SOUL hypes it up with analog synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines, and shattering verses from the four singers. Every show ends in relentless dance and trance from all parties involved. Their lyrics, mixing Arabic and English, call for celebration and freedom in the struggle for equality, inside Bilad Al Sham and throughout the world.

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Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen

Age of Glass

Hard hitting, bass driven, vibrant, live electronic dance-pop from another dimension. This three-piece draws influences from anything with a pumping groove and amalgamates it into a live music frenzy of thumping electronic drums, heavy bass lines and gritty synth riffs. They will make you dance with your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

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Three analogue Synthesizers with a sequencer, a drum set and a drum-synthesizer and a cello put into a bunch of effects and filters: that is "Aggregat". The idea to perform Electro live on stage is what the three musicians found for themselves and they are playing a set that is ruff and tender, bouncy and crackly, mostly massive and sometimes fragile. First concerts in summer 2017 made the trio an insider tipp that is being passed around right now.

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Aika Akakomowitsch


AIRTIST, the Austrian-Hungarian group consisting of Döme, Szabolcs Gimesi and Markus Meurer, can be described as an exceptional music project that brings together three ancient instruments in an impressive modality. The sounds of human beatbox, the jewharp and didgeridoo merge into organic beats creating a vibrant and energetic ambiance that can definitely be felt and experienced in their live concerts. Despite the cultural heritage relating to the origin of their instruments the music of AIRTIST speaks a universal language that gets along without electronically produced elements. Thus this matter of fact is well illustrated in the name of the group that corresponds to the connective link between the three artists: AIR that is breathed and likewise oscillates the instruments into vibration.


Aleeza Lynn

Alright Gandhi

Altin Gün

Anarkia Tropikal

This band combines Afro-American sounds as well as Psychedelic and Colombian cumbia, cumbia Villera, Ska, Dub, Chicha, Salsa, and also other rhythms and styles such as Punk, Hardcore, Thrash, Metal and even Rap. As result, a band full of energy, strength and joy, which comprises carnival and the social commitment as essence in its proposal.

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Andi Otto & Band

Ant Antic

Artéria & Ibu Selva feat. Spaniol

As Longitude

As Longitude is the illuminated brainchild of Eva Geist and Laura Odl. Together they explore sonic waves in an exiting world full of spatial drum machine rhythms and sequenced riffs. Some of those trips feel like earth bound rituals, while others seem to be nothing less than ceremonies of stratospheric magnitude.

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The most impressive songs have been written at home, they tell a story and often reflect life experiences. AVEC demonstrates that you don’t need to be able to read music, in order to write a good song. Don’t overthink, but write from the heart not the head. That AVEC writes from the heart becomes clear in every verse and every refrain. Writing music is how she deals with difficult personal experiences and feelings – the deep and meaningful connotations in her lyrics oppose the gentle plucking of her guitar strings. It is melancholic but hopeful: the sun will rise again tomorrow.

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Babau Family

BaBa ZuLa

The unrivalled masters of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music, BaBa ZuLa go to great lengths to provide their followers with a unique experience both on their live shows and in their recordings. By mixing oriental instruments such as the electric saz, darbuka, and spoons with electronics and modern sounds, BaBa ZuLa creates a sound all their own called istanbul psychedelia. BaBa ZuLa's music is *oriental istanbul rock'n roll* that rolls in a futuristic way inspired by the late 60’s. Their shamanic ritual like performances are a mixture of disciplines of art, often featuring belly dancers, elaborate costumes, poetry, theatre and live drawing, delivering viewers a tantalizing audio-visual feast. BaBa ZuLa share their legacy with us through their music, a music born out of Istanbul.

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They bake all day so you don‘t have to! Bakery is an open collective experiment, combining Music, Art, and Mixed Medias – The genre bending, avant-garde, lo-fi experience. Psychedelic landscapes evolve with golden waves of soul, trip-hop and a laid back groove. An elongated, circulating current of energy flow marks each stanza expanding in layers of formulaic chaos. Within this space, each track is a different microcosm to let your mind explore…

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Baketown Collective

Baketown is the project of Berlin-based artist and producer, Noah Becker. In the summer of 2017, with the help of friends, Noah transformed an old car repair garage in Schöneberg, Berlin, into a meeting place for a creative network of multidisciplinary artists. The group is bringing a unique live program to Fusion: new collaborative pieces of music and experimental versions of collective members' songs (including Bakery, Alice Phoebe Lou, Olmo, Hush Moss) merged with the live visuals to create an impressive immersive experience.

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Born in DRC Congo but grown up in Belgium, Baloji is an artist in motion, a musician, poet, film director, a man of images and ideas. He’s in motion like the synthetic afro beats he produces, the fruit of an unlikely alliance between rock-rumba and futurist funk. Baloji means “man of science” in Swahili, but during the colonial period, that meaning shifted to signify “man of the occult sciences” and then “sorcerer”. His first album, “Hotel Impala”, was conceived as a reply to a letter he received from his mother after a 25-year absence. Give in to the sorcery!


Ben & Matze (Ohrbooten)


Definitely BiFidelity is a band of Hi’s & Low’s doing a very good BiFi-show. Supportin the easy weight by fillin up the timing smoothy and cool. This season BifiBoy got members for stage-banding - lending mini-jazz to the hop. May our Delici Pob make it loose to get closer to the topers goose.

Sound Sample


Meanwhile Blackberries can be described as one of Germany’s most exciting psychedelic bands. Their well-done blend of catchy melodies, hypnotic-kraut instrumental parts and their shivery energy is creating a unique sound deeply influenced by the old masters on one hand but on the other hand part of the contemporary as well.

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BLOND is a band from Chemnitz. On their last two EP ́s, lively pop songs show the potential that lies within party hungry teens. Three siblings from BLOND who devotedly play the guitar, drums, synthesizer and bass. The young trio presents a mixed variety of indie, pop and Las Vegas Glamour. BLOND, that is the dented gumball machine, the abused Barby doll. BLOND is burping after the enjoyment of a loudly coloured energy drink. Mothers, lock up your dogs, handbags, sons and cars, BLOND is in the air!

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Botticelli Baby


Braintheft is a Berlin Based Irish-French Trio. Deeply rooted into Dub, the dark and gritty outfit features live drums, deep electric bass and a whole lot of synthesizers. Layer that with faster and heavier styles as Dubstep or Drum & Bass, and the result bends new corners while acknowledging its roots. Back on the road with a full length album announced for early 2016 Berlin's best kept electro-dub secret is ready to steal your brain again.

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Recording their wily sophomore album, the three members of Brussels-based BRNS (pronounced “brains”), had a general desire for change. Consequently, the ten tracks on Sugar High, BRNS second proper full-length record reflect the band’s unpredictability as songwriters. It gives you synth-songs that built slowly, indie-songs that might have been on a tape in your Walkman in the 90s, shimmery pop tracks and songs that flirt with a kind of electrified psychedelia. Zig-zagging between different moods and textures, the listening experience of this band offers a kind of subdued euphoria—catchy in all the right ways!

Sound Sample

Brothers of Santa Claus


BURIERS is an obscure cult from LONDON (EU) fronted by poet James P Honey and woven together with droning strings and hefty drums.

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Burning Heads


Calibro 35

Calibro 35 is a worldwide touring instrumental crime funk project out from Italy who sound like the golden age soundtracks of the 1970s by Maestros such as Morricone, Bacalov, Micalizzi and Trovajoli. They are resuscitating the funk side of Italian film music.The band’s members include: Massimo Martellotta on guitars and lapsteels, Enrico Gabrielli on keyboards and brass, Fabio Rondanini on drums and Luca Cavina on bass. All musicans were (and still are) amongst the most sought after Italian alternative session players. Calibro 35 has evolved into something much more, creating original pieces that rival some of their inspirations in range and “jam kicking”. While perfectly balancing funk drums and bass grooves, distorted guitars and organs and psychedelic flutes and saxophone.

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Cancel the Apocalypse

CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE is the reunion of Toulouse metal/hardcore musicians and Bordeaux classical musicians. Only daring and extremist minds would have thought of such an ensemble. With vocals, drums and an electric guitar on one side playing against a totally unexpected classical guitar and a cello on the other. This improbable union creates a burning and baffling magma where the combination of a hardline atmosphere and tortured voices answer rich and pleasurable baroque melodies in equal measure. A sound never heard before.



The music of the brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke performing under the moniker CEEYS – from the French VIOLONCELLE and KEYS – follows a minimalistic approach of composition and improvisation. Shifting freely between avant-garde and pop, it combines elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music: "Raised during the last decade of the former GDR, we try to capture our memories, impressions and feelings towards these rather hybrid times in our releases."



Cero39 is a band from Colombia and since 2012 has been recognized as one of the most engaging acts on the tropical alternative circuit. Their creations come from Latin pop culture, using the sounds of the everyday Caribbean life. Operating within their particular narratives of indie reggaeton, hip hop, champeta and dembow Cero39 is captivating the dance floor by creating a deep, absorbing sound with each track. Behind the Cero39 we have Mauricio Alvarez a.k.a Fredo (founder and producer) and Dario Sendoya a.k.a Kid Watusi (sequencer/programmer).

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Che Sudaka

Chico Trujillo

This is one of Chile's most important orchestras. They are the soundtrack to every party from Arica to Punta Arenas. Their mixture of classic cumbia, bolero, reggae, latin american and balcanic music has assured them an audience from every generation and walk of life. They simbolize a uniquely cocktail rooted in the cumbia of the pre-Pinochet days and they have managed to include every aspect of the chilean popular culture.

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Criminal Body

The guys from Criminal Body were not even a thought in their parents minds in that time but, thank god, are quite imaginable of how they would have done things back then. We have a whole bunch of bands riding the 80s postpunk wave for quite a while, i know, so don’t brag about this, ok? if it’s good, it’s good, alright? That’s what i thought as i listened to these songs. Three guys, great tunes.

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Dakh Daughters

Seven actresses from the DAKH Theatre in Kiev took musical instruments into their hands to create a life-affirming performance about love, freedom and beauty. Dakh Daughters generate an atmosphere of a French saloon where a chanteuse befriends a psychopath. On occasion, armed with a full set of strings, keyboards and percussion, the women shake the audience with a roar but can swiftly turn into fun-loving Hollywood beauties of the 1950’s. Together with their audience they create rock-operas demonstrating the desire to not only find new forms of popular music but also develop the context needed for today’s world.

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Das Günther

Daughters of Reykjavik

Reykjavíkurdætur is a female hip-hop-group based in Reykjavík, counting ten fem cees and are recognized for their daring lyrics that discuss, for instance, politics, feminism and sexual abuse. The collective resembles a “clan” where songs are performed by solo artists, duos and trios, as well as performing altogether, which makes Reykjavíkurdætur’s concerts versatile, fresh and a lot of fun, the rebellion against conservative misogynistic values of modern society always being a core aspect. At the end of the day, they are a large group of women who, on their own terms, enjoy going on stage, giving the audience and each other all they’ve got.


Dead Combo

MUSIC WITH LISBON INSIDE DEAD COMBO are Pedro Gonçalves and Tó Trips. Together they represent one of the most exciting musical project in Portugal. Their instrumental music has no frontiers and has been presented successfully in many countries. On stage their shows are very visual with both musicians incarnating two characters that could have come from a comics book: an undertaker and a gangster.


Dead Kittens



This 5-piece band from Hamburg, Germany have developed a unique genre now known as Bohemian/Dance Rock that fuses Funk, Jazz, Folk, and Rock with wildly pulsating rhythms that are centered around the intense vocals, sharp lyrics, and soaring trumpet melodies of lead singer Paul Weber. With a rich backdrop of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys, and percussion, Denmantau bring unparalleled musical expression and theatrics to every performance for a truly modern rock ’n roll experience.

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Dero & Klumzy

Dero (Graz) & Klumzy (London) are a DJ/MC SoundSystem and songwriting production team, spearheading independent label Tiefparterre Records. With their forward thinking approach, quality production and outstanding lyricism, with their one-of-a-kind music videos they amaze people all around.

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Deutsche Laichen

Die Gäng

Die Wilde Jagd

Distorted Pony



Based in St.Perersburg, the band consists of musicians from different republics of the Former Soviet Union and plays music inspired by the traditions of these places. Founded in 1999 in Nantes (France) by Russian musicians, Dobranotch moved down to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in search of a new line up. Extensively touring for the last 15 years Dobranotch visited more than 20 countries and played the biggest klezmer and world music festivals all over the world.

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Dritte Wahl

Eat The Bitch

Ek Minute Baba

Ek Minute Baba plays Bollywood psychedelia and fusion. Perhaps even Eastern psych or Raga'n Roll? All they know is that their consistently instrumental sitar and Tabla soaked tracks call for dancing and trances.

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Helsinki based Elifantree delivers an experimental musical trip on the border between improvised and progressive music. They make songs with a razor sharp blend of surrealism, unique sounds dipping into ambient and electroacoustic textures that creates a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts.

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El Leopardo

El Morabba 3

"The Square" (engl. translation) came together to offer a groundbreaking sound with their unique music and socially engaged lyrics. Their fresh rock/post-rock electronic sound catapulted the band to massive success. Their artistic journey saw them become one of the leading socially and politically relevant bands reviving the Arab Independent music scene. The band broke cultural barriers and appealed to a generation of hunger-stricken fans living in an unstable and restless region, as they craved a new sound; one that expressed the thoughts, concerns and anger of the people towards the realities they are living today.

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Emel Mathlouthi

Tunisian singer / songwriter Emel Mathlouthi grew up in autocratic, corrupt Tunisia. Because of her commitment to the Tunisian revolution and her lyrics against the injustices of her country, she became a prominent musical voice of the Arab Spring and was referred to as "the voice of the Jasmine Revolution". Malouthi's second album goes far beyond the genre of World Music. "Ensen" features Electronica, Tunisian folk music, Trip-Hop and Arabic elements, and it seems that Emel Mathlouthi has found the tonal equivalent for her uncompromising messages.

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Erregung öffentlicher Erregung

A feast for body and soul, as the quintet takes us with its herbaceous post-punk into another time. A journey into the 80s with rhythmic basses, sharp guitars, keyboards and synthesizers, spiced up with finely pointed lyrics. Courageously, without cautious restraint, when public excitement is aroused, it is openly doubted, questioned, demanded. The dark sides also have their place here - there is talk of self-made expectations of life, behavioral codices, despair, social constraints and adaptability. Anja Kasten (vocals), Michael Schmid (drums), Michael Hager (guitar), Laurens Bauer (bass) and Philipp Tögel (synthesizer) make honest music that finds clear words and melodically sets us into a gentle intoxication. The public excitement about their music was rather secondary to the musicians from Hamburg and Berlin. They preferred to play "crashing concerts in small cellars and record a few songs". But that times should be over, because among music connoisseurs they already have been celebrated for some time as an insider tip.

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Esben and the Witch

Everything And Everybody



FCKR are from Leipzig/Germany and they play classic GDR Deutschpunk in the style of the legendary "Schleim Keim" very simple with keyboard organ and typical Saxony dialect!

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Femme Krawall


Filastine & Nova

Filastine & Nova are a multimedia duo working to undermine borders. Their music collides electronic beat production with dense layers of voice, concréte sounds, analogue synths and strings. Another world is what they aim to create, using sound, video, design, and dance to express a radically different vision of the possible.

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Fil Bo Riva

Fil Bo Riva is a voice of a young fellow that will haunt you. After dropping out of college in 2014, Fil spent his days focusing on his music and busking was crucial in the development of his art. During this time of musical overdose he got to know guitarist Felix A. Remm and producer Robert Stephenson, two figures who would see to it that Fil Bo Riva made the leap from solo project to a collaboration of like-minded souls. Now, floating between folk and soul, Fil Bo Riva merges beating melancholic songs with tremendous dynamics. The result of a twisted mind and a beating loving heart.

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Natalie Findlay rocks. She revisits 90s grunge, flies up into the skies of shoegaze and creates lightning with hip-hop, before landing in a dream world of garage pop. She loves Motown artists, psychedelic rock, blues and well as hip-hop, she creates electronic soundscapes drawing from all styles to mix and create textures filled with aspiration. She composes alone, mostly on guitar, sometimes on piano or she turns her voice and words into drum rhythms to serve as a canvas for her band, always on the lookout for strange sounds and new distortions, carried by her addictive choruses.

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"my rage turns into action, my heart beats for rebellion and protest" - hardcore with a crust edge, varied and dark, incredibly direct and intense.

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Fogo Fogo

Fogo Fogo is a manifestation of a culture, that is kind of a volcano: Shortly before an outburst. The musicians are experienced connoisseurs of multiple grooves of African inspiration. They induce dancing with no hidden tricks, only powerful songs loaded with drums and bass in permanent slippage and sounds inspired by the traditional concertina, that command the melodic identity.

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Footprint Project

Eight young gentlemen und a singing lady. Thanks to their unique sound they already left footprints in the sand of many hearts. With beatbox, brass-section and the soulful voice of singer Rokhaya Niang these extraordinary artists developed their very own style. A groove-mosaic of changes in rhythm, tempo and key and a whole lot of power. Jazz and Funk melt into Dubstep, House, HipHop and Ska and are send into the bouncing crowd to create positive energy. Jump around - have fun!

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Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band

Friends Of Gas

Frollein Smilla

Full Moon Fiasco

Full Moon Fiasco is a New Zealand born/ Berlin based space trip band with members from Croatia, South Africa and New Zealand. There sound has been described as whimsical psychedelia inspired by the wind in the trees and the birds and the bees. The band recently released their second album Summer Eyes through Fantasy Fiction Recordings and Redeye Worldwide.


Fun Fare

Fun Fare are a Leipzig based postpunk quartet, that since 2015 connects their weird melodic, melancholic Postpunk with a psychy foundation and wave alike grumpy vocal lines. April 2016 saw the first release »Wrong Gong« on »Hartnack Records« a local DIY Label. The dented Gong on the cover might stand for (im-)possible danceable, and the experiment of combining mantra-like Lyrics in a desired bipolar union. In February 2018 'Trifles and Events are Your Concern' followed, released on Späti Palace, Berlin.


Gaststätte zum heißen Hirten

Gaye Su Akyol


Ghetto Kumbe

Ghetto Kumbéis the meeting in Bogotá of 3 great colombian musicians from the caribbean coast. A combo of wizards’ singers and percussionists calling the public all around the world to join their digital rumba. Their transcendent ritual is made with a powerfull base of percussions, aribbean house beats and traditional afro colombian rythmes inspired from west africa. Ghetto Kumbéis a party in the huge neighborwhere we all live… Earth and that we have to protect to keep the party running. In the GK’s musicthere is also a critic of how the colombian government is selling the lands of the native Indian to foreigners industries as in the song “Waré Warrior”.

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Giant Rooks

Glass Museum

Since 2016, Glass Museum’s raw, sunny energy has been uniting the surgical precision of the best contemporary jazz with electronic influences. Deux, the first album from pianist Antoine Flipo and drummer Martin Grégoire, hunkers down in the battle between the two instruments, producing lively, warm musical matter. Every song encouraged a remix, which were taken on by DJs like Sun Glitters and DC Salas to respond to the encounters between the music; consequently, Deux has become the ultimate modern marriage between pure traditional jazz, orchestral arrangements, and the mathematics of electronic music.

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Golden Dawn Arkestra


Grüner Star

This is a real treasure. Consisting of some famous old school musicians from bands like Schneller Autos Organisation, Graf Zahl, Abbau West and Die Charts, these Post- Punk Rockers know their job. Songs like "Top of the Flops" or "Kuh" (cow) are seen as classics. Besides their excellent artistic work, they know how to make a show.

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Guiss Guiss Bou Bess

Guiss Guiss Bou Bess, it is the encounter of two artists and two worlds: Mara Seck & Stéphane Costantini. Through their musical exchange, Stéphane and Mara want to establish new bridges between electronic music and African music, especially Sabar (Senegalese traditional percussion) and Mbalax (popular music in Senegal). Their main aim is to preserve the cultural and identity heritage from Senegal while making it accessible to any public. By doing so, the artists wish to break down the barriers that Mbalax is facing on the International scene and make it understandable from a rhythmical side as well as from its identity. It is a way to stimulate the Senegalese scene to export its creations with a new kind.

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Hailu Mergia

Hailu Mergia, the Ethiopian one-man-band accordion/keyboardist extraordinaire. Hailu made his name in Walias Band and later went on to do some visionary solo recordings. Hailu Mergia’s beautiful and surprising 1985 foray into traditional Ethiopian songs via analog synth, electric piano and accordion.

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Produced by a Swedish band called Hällas, Excerpts represents their debut full-length and it’s really fantastic. Steeped in the hard rock, proto-heavy metal and progressive tendencies of the 1970s, Hällas so perfectly evokes this era without sounding remotely tired or trite.

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Hanna Williams + The Affirmations

Hannah Williams is a whirlwind of soul, love, lust and anger that leaves behind tatters of whichever stage she graces and she’s backed by an outstanding crew of musicians from the UK: "The Affirmations". Hannah's father was a musically gifted minister, and her mother let her join the church choir at the age of 6. She could read music before she could properly read words. Now she’s an unstoppable talent. It will not take long for anyone who hears her latest LP “Late Nights and Heartbreak” to be conquered by this rare and heart breaking, dance floor shaking blend of raw and real Soul.

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Hans Ehlert Hamburg

Hardvösh Thoralfson Trio

Harry Charles & The Homies




Over the past couple of years, singer/songwriter Nala Lakaschus and producer/instrumentalist Helge Hasselberg have dedicated themselves to making music with devoted attention to detail. Their different musical backgrounds range from pop, soul and jazz to hip-hop and punk, fusing together to create an unpredictable and unique sound. They have traveled across continents to record with traditional griots in Senegal as well as contemporary masters such as drummer Jörn Bielfeld. The result is an incomparable live experience with Nala Lakaschus at its center, telling her story to an audience who is being led through dreamy and sometimes gloomy worlds by the band. One foot steps into the electronic future, the other still in the analog past. This, is Heartbeast“

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Hektisch Kunst & Mary May



Sound Sample


Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror and also known as HO99O9 DEATH KULT) is an American hip hop group founded by theOGM and Eaddy in Newark, New Jersey. They relocated to Los Angeles in 2014, where they attracted a strong cult following on account of their live performance. Place them somewhere between afro punk, Grime and so on.

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Hope is floating between independent, postpunk and ambient. They do understand how to put emotions into lyrics. Meanwhile, they create complex soundscapes to emphasize exactly these feelings. Some parts of their songs may be tremendous and overly emotional, but they never lose the grip on getting things together to create unique musical artworks.

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hotdoggrrrl and the sesame buns

So here we are, fresh off the grill and ready to be served, the long awaited HotdogGrrrl and the Sesame buns. Be warned you sensitive souls these tracks laid down for your delicate consumption are hot, wet, greasy, salty and slides into that tight bun like a slippery eel on heat. So for all you gigolo’s junkies swinging streetwalker hustler’s studs and sluts this band smells like a cheap bohemian brothel on the out skirts of a town. So sit back, buckle up you losers who needs a cheap hit of sex, drugs and heartbreak, you’re in for nasty;

Sound Sample


Huun Huur Tu

This is a music group from Tuva, a republic of Russia situated on the Mongolia–Russia border. The most distinctive characteristic of Huun-Huur-Tu's music is throat singing, which sounds like a flute, whistle or bird, but is solely a product of the human voice.The group primarily uses native Tuvan instruments such as the igil, khomus (Tuvan jaw harp), doshpuluur, and dünggür (shaman drum). However, in recent years, the group have begun to selectively incorporate Western instruments, such as the guitar. While the thrust of Huun-Huur-Tu's music is fundamentally indigenous Tuvan folk music, they also experiment with incorporating not only Western instruments, but electronic music as well.

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Ian Fisher

Il Civetto


Infant Sanchos

#instant boner

What happens if sophisticated modular synthesis meets driving beats? #INSTANTBONER are the most ambiguous newcomer in the Berlin club scene. The duo from Berlin Kreuzberg pulls off a unique and live electronic performance far beyond of just playing pre-produced tracks. Abstract electrical and extravagant harmonic tones are beeing combined with repetitive rhythms and driving basses.

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I Salute

Nobody enjoys compromise. I Salute wouldn't even know how it could be done. Instead of generic genre-specific-sound bites, the dynamic duo serves some heavy to stomach main courses. The musical and lyrical precision hits hard and doesn’t stop after the first listen. One song carries ideas for ten and their influences reach from rap over noise and indie up to electronica. But it’s not just the small pieces of the undefined puzzle Sören and Magnus are chasing throughout their tracks. It’s the big restless and captivating thing that remains nameless, but now at least has a soundtrack.

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Jackson Dyer

Jam Connection

Jan Blomqvist & Band

Jawhar and Yallah Bye! feat. Mitsou

Tunisian singer-songwriter Jawhar, known for his critically acclaimed album Qibla Wa Qobla, surprises us with yet an entirely new project: hypnotic, psychedelic and avant-garde electro-chaâbi music with a twist. Yallah Bye! is a rather unlikely musical encounter between an international icon of Rom culture, Mónika « Mitsou » Miczura (Ando Drom, Bratsch, Fanfare Ciocarlia) and the oriental folk/pop musician Jawhar. Based largely on new songs that Jawhar created for Yallah Bye! as well as pieces of Mitsou’s repertoire, this new creation is so much more than a clash of cultures.

Homepage Sound Sample

Jaya The Cat

Jaya the Cat will take you out on a night out, and things will for sure get weird. You will dance, laugh, and sing along at the top of your lungs even if you really can't sing, and all your friends know it and love you nevertheless. You will find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head although you're “not really into reggae, I'm a metal guy”. Originating in Boston 1998, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, and with a crew of diverse and international musicians continue perfecting the art of making a musical cocktail of reggae, punk, ska, a splash of electronics and a sprig of dub with a shot of whiskey on the side.

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...“In an ideal human world without commercial interest in senseless and stupid stuff of all kinds we don’t get angry anymore, we act. JEN is about future music and the ties to now and the past of all of this, mixed like quantum theory, they are forming a timeless search entity here, in =rough= =times=, researching those in-depth, stylistically unbound, similarly unafraid of quoting this or that, delving the imaginary dreamscape as much as, without much alert, getting most upfront about todays realities.”...

Homepage Sound Sample

Jesper Munk


JonZ is an intimate optimistic duo, created during a musical journey of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or in an isolated house on the Zamarin mountainside. Driven by the desire to integrate art, the passion to experience cultures and absorb different sounds, JonZ write powerful yet gentle folk songs, wrapped in a soft electronic blanket. This unique approach allows them to develop an eclectic language and to build their home wherever they are.

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Complexly orchestrated songs full of melancholy and hopeful folk rock anthems. Catchy tunes meet graceful harp melodies, powerful drum beats meet violins and choir vocals meet delay guitars. Everything fits together perfectly. "Just be free, just be free, but remember how it's used to be." Born in Japan, the son of Filipino musicians, he spends his childhood mainly in a moving VW bus and hooked in stage shows. The music is the constant companion. He quit his job in a glossy advertising agency, quit his flat and sold his belongings. Only his guitar and his small car remained.

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Juggling Jugulars

One of the most active long-running Finnish punk bands ever. Great song-writing goes hand-in-hand with the clever uncompromising lyrics. Juggling Jugulars managed to create their own little trademark when it comes to style and diversity of their songs. Fe/male vocals in exchange of sometimes more tuneful and sometimes full throttle and raging dis-chords.



A unity of ancient roots and modern live electronics, aural landscapes and rhythms brought to life through throat singing, chanting, didgeridoo, a variety of drums, percussions and rattles, and delicious looper pedals alongside other assorted audio warping tools.

Sound Sample


Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi

Kaput Krauts


The four members of caries create music between 80ies new wave, punk and ndw. You may also be remembered of 90ies rock which contained discourse and dialogue. Thereby never outdated they transport a kind of anti atitude towards todays hot topics and concerns.

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Kasimir Effekt

Kenny Kenny Oh Oh

Kenny Kenny Oh Oh does play punk music. The four from Leipzig have a stile which may remind you on early hardcore punk recordings. They say their punk is simple and rough but they play it perfectly. The texts often deal with the pressure in society and in labour life and some other bad things which may occur in our society.

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Keny Arkana

Many of you might feel the same: goosebumps, a bunch of emotions and the urge to raise your voice to shout at some nazi fckrs, capitalism or some total shit you´re dealing with. We are talking about listening to french rapper Keny Arkana. Her songs like "La Rage" or "Une Seule Humanité" are already classics at every good hip hop party, rally or contemplative train rides. It´s a grand plaisir to welcome Madame La Rage!

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Klaus Johann Grobe

Driven by an organic, metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals and a monstrous funky bass, this is seriously bum-waggling electro-freak goodness. The music of Klaus Johann Grobe does seem to aim towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particulary as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.

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Klub Kartell presents Dellé, Ganjaman, Jahcoustix, Sebastian Sturm



Kosmo Sound

KOSMO SOUND is a six-piece dub formation from Ghent (Belgium) bringing a combination of solid bass and drums with fresh storytelling melodies.

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The bewildering thing about KUF is that it is a vocal-led group that has no singer on stage at all. All vocal elements are based on self-recorded samples which keyboard whizz kid Tom Schneider melds and bends and squeezes in real time. As if it was a regular thing to do. With no artificial synchronization in place, Valentin Link on bass and Hendrik Havekost on drums push the disembodied, highly abstract voices into an arena of hyperintegrated realtime magic. The rhythm section hints at the great history of dirty funk and r’n’b, but the grooves are firmly of today: dance-centered and broken up at the best possible joints.


Kumbia Boruka Sound System

The roots of Kumbia Boruka are to be found in Monterrey, the cumbia capital of Mexico and the place where Hernan Cortés, the accordion player and band leader, grew up in the eighties. He didn’t only learn to play the accordion from the living legend of Mexican cumbia, Celso Piña, but he was also the percussionist in the band of Celso Piña during long international tours. Together with Bob Sikou, Cortés started Kumbia Boruka. Besides their own contemporary and festive compositions, the band knows how to bring new flavours to classic cumbias from the sixties, mixing it with influences from reggae, dub, African music and rock, psychedelic electric guitar melodies, an extensive rhythm section and powerful and exciting brass arrangements. The Peruvian cumbia, called chicha, is not forgotten either. The result is a hybrid cumbia, nueva cumbia, with fierce Latin energy that will blow yourmind! It’s party time!

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Kupalua is a non binary performer and musician from São Paulo, Brazil, into the relations between decolonialism and post porn. Sintrópica is the album been released at the moment.

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La Cafetera Roja

Lao Xao Trio

L.A. Salami

Lookman Adekunle Salami, who performs under the abbreviated name L.A. Salami, is an all-round artist and philosopher, know for creating magnetic post-modern blues.

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Lehmanns Brothers

It’s through the Groove that the Lehmanns Brothers want to showcase their music. “Jazzy” chords jive with Hip Hop to create an exquisite and unique melody. The Lehmanns Brothers play a music that is controlled, sensitive and promising. Combine that with an electric energy and you get an idea of how special a concert can be. With an explosive rhythm, a unique vocal signature marked by notes of electric brass, they pay homage at the revolutionary temples of music that has seen the birth of Jazz and Funk, and their more recent incarnations of Rap and Neo Soul. Their concerts make you dance. They make you escape. Each concert is a signature, and as emotionally intensive as their first concert. It is difficult not to be captivated.

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Lekhfa is the brainchild of Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, three legendary musicians who came of age in 1990s Cairo. Decades later, each having paved their way through the alternative Arabic music scene, they united to give birth to an off-kilter sound of beats, grit and resistance. The Cairo delegates, teetering on the edges of Egyptian shaabi, electro-shaabi, pop and psychedelia, are backed by anything from oud and buzuq lute to slide guitars, drums, beat loops and electronica. A rapturous combination of extraordinary musical talent and creativity, their stunning works intertwine around the dystopian poems of their contemporary Mido Zoheir, one of the most celebrated Egyptian poets of their generation.

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Le Réveil Des Tropiques

Les Filles De Illighadad

Shimmering Tuareg guitar and melodic, joyous tende. Wild and sweet, like desert thorn trees blooming after a rain. May it grow and flourish!

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Les Pünks



Lion Sphere


They met each other at the harbor near the art school they all attend. Karlotta was reading her French crime novel. Mario was blasting Japanese pop music in his headphones. Tom was telling Kasia how much he likes the look of bowling alleys. Meanwhile she was absorbed by the secrets of natural walking. We got completely hooked with these crazy talented cats after we saw one of Lokomoko's first shows ever at an art space down in Hamburg, Germany. Talking Heads-y eclecticism. Ethereal omnipresence. Reminiscent of Parenthetical Girls guided by a Tom Verlainesque unsteady timber that Mario might not even know he owns. Picture them at CBGB's if 1977 was next year. You'll be losing your shit.

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Lord Youth

Lord Youth is a noir folk rock band based out of Queens, NY. It began as a recording project in an old Copehagen attic once inhabited by hundreds of Danish pigeons. If you listen closely, you can hear the crunch of feathers underneath the musicians' feet.

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Los Mirlos

Named after a black bird in their native jungle, Los Mirlos are the uncrowned kings of tropical Peruvian Cumbia, or Cumbia Amazonica. The band came together in Lima during the oil boom of the 70s and created a uniquely new and powerful party music inspired by the Anglophone psychedelic rock and surf music of the time. Fast-forward some 40 years, and Los Mirlos have travelled and performed in almost every Latin American country, and are still considered essential for the culture of Amazonian Cumbia, not in the last place because of popular compilations such as "Roots of Chicha", "Back To Peru", and "Cumbia Beat Vol. 1". The iconic band is well known for the incredible productions of psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia that they have produced since the 70’s. Widely known as the mastermind of the Peruvian-Amazonian Cumbia, they are back to the musical scene to share with the world the Peruvian musical history and the value of it.

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Love Songs

L Twills

L Twills is the solo project from multi-disciplinary artist Lila-Zoé Krauß, it was developed since 2016. Born in Alice Springs and grown up in Hamburg she´s been working on different projects within the local art scene since 2014. In the L Twills performances she creates a pattern of fragmented memories and emotions, puts them into relation and takes the audience on an intimite trip through the absurd and the tragic. Treating pop like an experiment, she is wandering inbetween Synthsounds and deep bases.

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Berlin-based collective MAIORANO skillfully fuse elements from 60s R&B, Funk & Soul with the intensity and attitude of Garage & Punkrock to create a vibrant sound steeped in Rock ‘n’ Roll heritage.


Make a Move

Mama Afr!ka

MaMaAFR!KA is an artist collective, who offers an original and explosive show mixing different music genres as reggae, ska, rumba, rap, punk, samba, Ragamuffin, folk, funk and rock in a tipical world/pachanka style. MaMaAFR!KA set a sacred feeling by playing music that connects people to source energy, magic and love.

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Mammút are melodic and catchy and beautiful and addictive. They are also darker and heavier than you think they are - maybe they tricked you? This is true though: Mammút craft distorted and beautiful lullabies while maintaining a solid grasp on melody and an eternally independent spirit.

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Mannique Mechanique


Consisting of only two band members, MANTAR manages to sound heavier than a lot of five-piece bands, despite the fact that no bass guitar is used. Just drums and guitar set for destruction. Forget about rock ‘n roll. This will hurt. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem mixed with punk elements. You can call it whatever you like – don’t call it sludge, though.

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Martin Kohlstedt


"Matanza is a mix of Neo Folklore and World Music, a combination of woods, leathers, reeds and synthetizers. This Chilean band is a pioneer in the latin american ethnic music mix with Techno, House, Downtempo and Dub. They show a path thru the roots of their Native American culture. With 8 years since their formation and with 5 tours in Europe, Matanza is back to FUSION bringing the most recent sounds from their new album with a show that you don’t want to miss."

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Max Prosa

Mercedes Jens

Meret & The Tiny Teeth - Le Grand Ordinaire


We are Maximilian Dierksen and Arash Khodayari, playing together as a small international band (Germany and Iran) and are called Merikhia. We met each other in August 2017 at the Ferrara Buskers Festival in Italy. Since that moment we are playing music together. Our ambient worldmusic is as well soft and relaxing as also exciting-interesting-experimental and diversified. It conveys meditative to slightly trancy-exciting vibrations, tickled out by the Sounds of Handpans, Didgeredoos, Trumpet, Harmonica, Jaws Harp and slight percussive elements.

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MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band - a dozen drummers and horn players from Hamburg/Germany who fulfil the job of a dj with their acoustic instruments. The archaic conglomerate of brass and drums creates a new genre by combining hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music. MEUTE detaches electronic music from the dj desk and evolves the thrust of energy on stage or directly in the crowd. Be it on the streets or in the club, with or without electricity – MEUTE runs.



Minze plays minimal drone boogie. The music resonates like an installation. It often seems to be standing still, hardly moving. Or a phrase circles endlessly so it can be viewed from infinite perspectives. Breathing and waiting. Like fishing. Minze is from Hamburg and Berlin.

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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi creates on his instruments sounds that appear to come from another world. The percussionist has revolutionised the traditional way of playing and allows listeners into a virtuoso sphere of modern sounds. The music of Mortazavi is able to form a unit that sounds original and new all at once. Climb into the spaceship and experience the great sound cosmos of his drum.

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Cello and electronic beats. Drums. Danceable and melancholic. Hypnotic and ecstatic. Stubborn and hopeful. Together with you the three musicians Sebastian, ILLAY and Koen from Berlin seek happiness, depth, improvisation and, depending on where you want to go, it can be a very far journey.

Monika Roscher Bigband

The Munich based art-rock-pop-electro collective in the shape of a big band is back! Following up their critically acclaimed debut album “Failure in Wonderland” the Monika Roscher Bigband returns with “Of Monsters and Birds”. The composer, singer and bandleader and her 17 musicians ventured even further into unknown sonic territory, where brazen birdsongs dissolve into delirious drumrolls, New Orleans splendor und blastbeat mayhem become blood brothers and feathery vocal elegies and orchestral pathos gently rock each other to madness. And right in the middle of it the wildly pounding heart of a band that continues to create its very own musical cosmos.

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Mop Mop feat. Wayne Snow

We are anxious to see what the combination of Mop Mop and Wayne Snow has to offer. We can expect big, because what Mop Mop has launched in recent years in the field of modern funk and jazz, is phenomenal. The combo of Andrea Benini brings soul into the game like no other. When Wayne Snow speaks of the reincarnation of Afro-beat without hesitation. The pieces are of touching actuality, vocals blend perfectly with the ensemble of drums, percussion, synth and bass.



Enter into an psychedelic dance journey. MR TC’s approach is to create music informed by his eclectic tastes, his live shows and DJ sets are a smorgasbord of leftfield disco, post punk, psych, krautrock, house and techno. Mixing organic elements with electronic instrumentation, juxtaposing guitars and live percussion with drum machines and synths soaked in space echo, performing live as four-piece Mr TC transforms the songs into a psychedelic dance journey.

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Mülheim Asozial


It hasn’t taken long for Amsterdam based psychedelic, shamanic trio MY BABY’s swampy blues and funk-inflected sound to cast a formidable spell, taking the world by storm. Over the past three years, Dutch brother-sister-duo Sheik (drums), Cato van Dyck (vocals) and New Zealand guitarist Daniel “daFreez” Johnston have had their mojo working overtime and are now ready for the release of their third album “Prehistoric Rhythm”. With their new album, the band aim to channel a primal awareness amidst hypnotic beats, shimmering soulful vocals and psychedelic riffs on the back of rootsy blues and dubbed out funk.



A gloomy universe and icy chilled sounds would be too trivial to sum up Näo, since the French band has worked hard on polishing and elaborating their realm, emphasizing the sharp and straightforward aspect of their songs. They echo Indie and Electronica, questioning those genres and making them speak in a new light. On stage, Näo has a relentless drive to transcribe a sonorous but also visually enthralling atmosphere for which video material has become a member of the band in its own right, contributing to the intensity of the performance rather than being a mere addition to the music itself.


Nearest Gas Station

Nearest Gas Station is a Berlin-based project composing songs in a synth-bass-drums configuration. Initiated in 2015 after the encounter of the three band members at a show of the band Beach House, the trio improvises and experiments in waters between post-punk, krautrock and dream pop.


Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge

Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge is Joshua Gottmanns and Niklas Wandt, who play synthetic German language wave music.



Spooky-J and pq corrupt the Nilotica Cultural Ensemble with techno sensibilities and a whole load of darkness. While Ugandan music often treads the happier side of life, Nihiloxica brings the drums of Buganda and ships them to the underworld and back in a live project designed to utilise the trance-like state created by indigenous percussion troupes and fuse it with club music from the basements of Europe designed to achieve exactly the same goals.

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Noahs Boat

Noga Erez

Noga Erez is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, keyboardist and producer. Born and living just outside Tel Aviv, multi-instrumentalist Erez’s grainy textures and potent atmospheres forged with her synths and ingenious beats bravely straddle genres, energized further by the environment in which she’s grown up. While the music she makes in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer and producer Ori Rousso exploits many of the more physical dynamic elements of electronic music, it also embraces a cerebral sensitivity that’s made her one of her home city’s most idiosyncratic artists to date.

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The Ukranian experimental Doom-/Drone-outfit Nonsun says about their music: "It’s not ordinary music. It’s a journey. A long and hard trip. With a heavy heart and longing spirit. But those patient and open-minded will eventually be rewarded. It’s the music from behind the wall of sleep. And it doesn’t matter on which side you are while listening to it.”



Oddisee + Good Compny

This unique sound is an eclectic combination of genres primarily based in Hip-Hop and soul with elements of Jazz, Funk and 'Go-Go', a music style native to the collectives hometown of Washington DC. This colab shows us the softer side of rap and hip hop, without much typical reference to drugs, murder and gang fights, but lyric, storytelling and much philosophy.

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Oh Sees

Psych-punk psychic warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages John Dwyer does not let up. His group Thee Oh Sees have transmogrified to fit many a moment - from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond - to suit his omnivorous whims. It’s common knowledge however, that at their shows, you’re there asking for a beating. Twenty years going and the shows keep getting more and more intense, as many a soupy swarm can attest.



Olli Schulz


After only three years of playing together as a band, Onefoot were invited to the world’s most renowed jazz festival and promoted by some of the scene’s greats like Trigran Hamasyan and Érik Truffaz. And so these rising stars from Marseille shot like comets into the shimmering galaxy of futuristic music. Combining the boldness of youth with an astounding maturity, they traverse the boundaries between jazz, electro, 8-bit, 80s music and post-dubstep. This is comtemporary music sifted through the fabric of Armenian tradition. They juggle textures, intentions and musical backgrounds, developing an entirely new form of hybrid-mystical jazz as they go. Bright, vivid and visionary.

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Orchestre Miniature In The Park

They claim not to be a a sect, not a political party, nor a civil rights movement. But still they do have a manifesto and it reads SUN, SUMMER, HITS!!!!!! Crazy, colourful pop! They play the most beautiful summer songs and songs about the sun on childrens instruments! The Orchestre Miniature in the Park consists of about 30 people, who play music with small instruments and it would be very colourless if they are described with 'colourful'. Since 2007 at all imaginable and unimaginable places the Orchestra affects the hearts of people with songs about the sun, psychotropic drugs, lovesickness, and first and foremost about the summer. OMP is the first and only colourful Miniature-Instruments-Orchestra in the world.

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orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp

Taking its 10th birthday in November 2016 as a pretext, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp is now playing and travelling in an extra large format, with 14 musicians on stage. Various old members of the band mixed with newcomers push the adventure further and higher. A new repertoire composed for the XXL format is blended with some old hits re-arranged, still in the ‘tropical post punk’ vein.

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Orlando Julius & the Heliocentrics

One of the founding fathers of Afrobeat, Orlando Julius changed the musical landscape in Lagos, Nigeria with his ‘Super Afro Soul’ 10” in 1966 fusing highlife, R’n’B, calypso and jazz. Later, OJ collaborated with collective The Heliocentrics for the future Afrobeat opus.

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Osaka Monaurail

After 20 years, the wheels are very much still turning on the Funkiest orchestra that Japan has to offer. Forged from a college Jazz combo into the tightest Soul juggernaut whose reputation now circles the globe. Dressed immaculately in the sharpest of suits, they move in unison step while the horn section provide a dazzling display of twirling trumpets and trombone ducking. Up front, Nakata holds a commanding presence: he will break out into the splits, move across to play some funky piano, or whip the crowd into a frenzy with a soulful scream. The aim of the group still remains the same; that is to bring “superheavy funk” to the people.

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Otzeki are Mike and Joel, two cousins based in London whose sound is best described as electronic dance rock. Melancholic, taking and exciting music, that won´t let go untill sun´s come up. Some compare their music to Moderat- we join this compliment and start on dancing.

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Parresía Banda

Parresía is a chilean fusion jazz band, in summer 2018 they will return to Germany for a tour. As head of the band, Diego Gonzalez is a great talent on the electric bass and writes the compositions, which he studied at the University of Chile. Furthermore, the band consists of Alejandro Ares (vibraphone), Diego Alarcon (keyboard), Farco Ortiz (alto saxophone) and Fabricio Cortese (drums). They describe their music as a mix of the sound and concept of experimental fusion jazz and the abstract and dreamy nature of free jazz. In addition to this, the rhythms are progressive with the groove of hip-hop and soul. In 2015 they recorded their first LP Homonino.

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Paula & Karol

The real Paula & Karol are not just a duo but a large family of Warsaw-based musicians who, for the past nine years, have been capturing the hearts of young and old alike, across Poland, Germany and abroad. They recently released their 4th studio album, "Our Town," changing their sound from folk pop to be more electronic, dancable, and eclectic. While a bit different, they still write songs filled with catchy melodies and lyrics that prioritize honesty, community, and love over hype and postmodern blase. The band would all agree that an honest discussion over dinner is as important as making music together.





Polynation is an electronic duo that originated from the minds of Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut. Fusing moods of electronica with techno, ambient and world music, Polynation is foremost an exciting live-act that seeks out to start a musical conversation based on spontaneous interaction, improvisation and a more band- like approach towards electronic music.


PTTRNS are equal parts colors, shapes and instants. PTTRNS have the desire to make music a communal and fun experience. PTTRNS are bass and grooves and polyrhythms and repetitions.

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Puerto Candelaria

Pulsar Trio


Quinta Feira

This portuguese "Thursday" band brings some movement onto the dancefloor. With their samba drum and percussion styles they refuse to leave anybody at the party alone. For those of you who joined the 2013 Fusion, it´s one thing for sure: celebração!

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Raiments are a Berlin-based avant garde musical collective, the brainchild of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mano Camatsos. Mano's compositions and guitar style are influenced by his global background having lived in South Africa, Greece and America experiencing live performances of blues, hip hop, indigenous music, traditional European folk and electronic music. All these song ideas are now beautifully transmuted by the atonal afro-beat saxophone of Stefan Ziemer, the water-flowing beats of drummer Dominic Korb and held together by the heavy metal funk explorations of bassist Edo Manzo. In short, a new and thrilling direction of pop music with a punk punch.

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The newest project from Laura Landergott (Ja, Panik) and Yair Karelic (ex-Mystical Communication Services). Named after the dangerous and unpredictable Goddess of the Sea, RÁN converges 60's rock'n'roll with psych-soundscapes. Think listening to Suicide and watching Jodororowsky through a fishtank.


Raoul Vignal

From 2010 to this day, Raoul Vignal from Lyon, France has been playing authentic, modern folk music. Forming the essence of his compositions, soothing vocals and delicate fingerpicking played on alternate tunings are Vignal’s trademark. His music has often been described by audience members as “evocative” and “mesmerising”.

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Reco Reco

Like one is trapped in an urban voodoo ritual in the heart of a pre-columbian free party. These 5 frenchmen clash futuristic sounds with latin-american traditionals. This is finest Cumbia, Moombahton, Trap and Merengue.

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Reggae Workers Of The World

“Old School Reggae and Rhythm & Blues... Groovy 1970s sounds!” Reggae Workers of The World is a supergroup composed of Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers, Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites and Nico Leonard of The Badasonics.

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Reverse Mode

Reverse Mode is a four piece band from Berlin. Their music combines classical elements, free improvisation and electronics, while drawing inspiration from the Greek musical tradition. The result of this cultural interplay is a sonic journey through original compositions that manifest big emotions and explore worlds that lie beyond our everyday experience of reality.


Riders Connection

Riga Astral Jam Connection


Rising Dao

First, Rising Dao met in their mountain top dojo to make awesome psychedelic stoner rock. The rising cost of the rent due to mountain top gentrification forced them to move into a practise room in Berlin. Using the teachings of Dao and ancient musical martial arts, they make funky progressive stoner rock in the hope, that their rock will bring peace to all and help them to one day return to their sacred dojo.



Rory Charles

Santa Cruz

Santo Color

Santo Color is a project which breaks down borders, speaking a universal language. The songs are created in collaboration with musicians from all over the world, fusioning different styles and giving free space for creation. The internationality of the band creates a fine mix of musical colors and flavors, which arises from the basis created by Lucio La Rua, Jamilah Harman and Suika T. In their songs, they sing about their adventures, which they experience on their way around the world and take the audience on a musical journey, where you can't keep your feet still.


Saul Williams

MartyrLoserKing has just tagged his screen name onto the White House lawn via remote drone. He’s working from a remote e-waste camp in Burundi, Central Africa, neighboring the more well-known Rwanda, with equipment scrapped together from our old Dell PC towers and Sidekick IIs. Homeland Security, the NSA, and the CIA are tracing his signal back to a place that isn’t on the map or on the grid, and the alert level rises when he hacks NASA just to show he can do it. MartyrLoserKing is Saul Williams' protagonist in a journey between Hip Hop sounds and Spoken Word.

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Fritzi and Daniela met each other in recorder and cello studies in Frankfurt. Looking for musical achievement, they both moved to Hamburg, where they founded the Schnipo Schranke. In a declaration of love to anti-aesthetic, and yet at a high musical level, they celebrate songs about personal hygiene, penetration fantasies with Harry Potter, and the relationship-technical side issues of society. With minimal setup of piano, drums, cello and 80s Synthy they accompany their clear, funny and touching lyrics, and show the limits of musical development can be endless.

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Shed Ballet

The fragile delicacy is formally charged to the naturalistic forces. Elegance breathes anticipation or vice versa. Doris Riedel at the organ, Hannah Becker at the guitar and Kerstin Peupelmann at the drums call themselves Shed Ballet and put their pieces together with those interactions, which can be explained on the surface with the diversified musical vita. Their songs are flattering, wanting to accompany you, to touch and touch you, to seduce you and to conjure a chronic smile on your mouth.

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She Knows

Berlin-based She Knows are one of the latest ensembles to pick up the baton of girl-fronted pop bandhood. Alternately opaque and diaphanous; dark and light; melancholic and blissed out, She Knows - destilling a sound between club and stage

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Shishko Disco

The band is the musical project of Moshe Zehavi and its vocalist Joy Tyson. The diverse musical expression within Shishko spans clear across the world touching notes of Contemporary, Balkan, Turkish, Arabic, Gnawa, Latin, Rock and Funk just to name a few. Shishko's music reflects their multi-cultural outlook on life and the musical world that it touches expresses an authentic realm of fusion between traditions. When traditions come together it gives birth to a new, wider culture.

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Born from a collective of avant-gardists who decided to ditch being farmers and focus on art, Shortparis poses itself as opposition to the modern musical scene. Their music combines irrational, spastic dance grooves with theatrical performances and exalted vocals in Russian, French and English. Live performances of the band are beyond the scope of the musical concerts, they look more like performative practices of contemporary art. Impugning the system of the club concerts, Shortparis actively performs at unprepared venues like abandoned industrial buildings, open grocery stores and others.

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Sick Hyenas

Sidi Wacho

SkaZka Orchestra

SkaZka Orchestra has grown to include six musicians and regular gigging has ensured that it is a very tight and dynamic ensemble. Their accordion-driven sound is punchy and they blend the energy of Balkan bands with a roughshod, devilmay- care rock bravado. The songs are sung in Esperanto and Russian and have a droll flavour that suggests this band enjoy life and don’t take things too seriously. With excellent use of brass, a strong, flexible rhythm section, fluid accordion, a willingness to mix and match without appearing opportunistic – SkaZka Orchestra are one of the freshest East European bands on the bloc.

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Smiley & The Underclass

Formed in 2014 in the melting pot of Ladbroke Grove, Smiley & The Underclass is wicked and wild Dub Punk outta London. Infused with the bass-heavy vibrations of Jamaican sound System culture, Smiley sings the revolution blues with a rhythm guaranteed to move ideas and dancehalls! The Underclass are Punky Reggae monsters, with catchy tunes and skanks sliced together with mind-altering garage guitars. Their urgency is real and carries a climate-conscious message powerful enough to awaken all punk rockers and roots rebels in this modern era. The soundtrack to the revolution is here!

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Smith & Smart

Soft Grid

The trio has got a taste for ventures into the realms of extreme acoustic sounds and electronic textures as well as for catchy hooks and driving rhythms. Even amidst the heaviest synth breakdowns, there’s something joyful to cling to. Soft Grid make music that is continuously twisting and shifting, which immerses itself in the steady flow of sonic events without losing focus.

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Son Lux

Son Lux is the grand genre-less dream of Los Angeles composer Ryan Lott brought to roiling, vivid life with the help of two New Yorkers, guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang.

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Spielmann In Bad Company - SIBC

Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra

The Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra is a recently founded musical ensemble rooted in the ‘Spiritczualic’ occurrence - when spirit and ritual are fused. They create “prophet-able”, unexpected and improvised live concerts emphasizing ceremonial transcendence. The open-source ensemble features up to 8 musicians and was “Self-Established by Higher Sources”, as they phrase it, on Christmas 2017 in Dangerousalem.

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Summer Rebellion

Born of the roaring thunder and crashing lightning, The Summer Rebellion recalls the burning flames of yesteryear and heralds the coming storm, when the slaves will open their eyes and see the truth through the failing summer sun. With the cavernous voice of David Koczij and thunderous accordion of Arthur Bacon, The Summer Rebellion arouses strong emotions with their particular brand of wild carnival freak song. Step right up and witness the modern day harbingers of the message, the truth and the dirt beneath the fingernails of our everyday saints.

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Tanga Elektra

Tanika Charles

In a few short years Tanika Charles has transformed from an emerging solo artist to a commanding performer and band leader, a staple of the Canadian soul scene. Both on stage and off, Edmonton-raised Charles presents an immutable charm, at times endearingly abrasive and honest in her vulnerabilities. Her art is inherently autobiographical. If Tanika’s singing it, she’s lived it.

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Tank and the Bangas

Coming from New Orleans, Tank and the Bangas are surrounded by plenty of grand musical traditions. And the six-piece group has a rare knack for combining various musical styles - fiery soul, deft hip-hop, deep-groove R&B and subtle jazz - into one dazzling, cohesive whole that evokes the scope of New Orleans music while retaining a distinctive feel of its own.

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In 1999, Terrakota’s seed was planted in Burkina Faso. It sprang in Portugal and, since then, has spread its fruits around the world, turning the map upside down, sweeping borders with its multilingual music. The band’s dance steps journey across Afro-Cuban rhythms, soukous, samba, Arab music, funk, reggae, chimurenga, and, more recently, Indian music influences. Their work speaks for itself: it joins together different people, languages and cultures. It struggles for a recognition of the universal human nature: strong political beliefs become embodied in the energy of their shows, always proving to be inventive and well-seasoned.

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The Baboon Show

The Bar Stool Preachers

These Preachers are some fine seaside boys from Brighton, making serious waves in the ska business. And it´s a business they know quite well - from bars and barstools from stages to performing on them. We love them for that and their fun lyrics, rythm enthusiasm and sweaty, great shows. Oi!

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The Busy Twist

Hailing from London, The Busy Twist is a collective focused on rejoining the dots between Afro, Latin and UK Bass music by developing a sound which not only melds the sonic genealogy of all three palettes but also presents such crossovers faithfully. Their sound is preoccupied with the ever­decreasing gap between London and Ghanian music in an effort to capture the vibrancy and warmth shared by both cultures. Beyond the banks of West Africa a resonance with Columbian roots increasingly present in their music is the link they have developed over a series of trips to the country in recent years, and furthered by working with Columbian producers.

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The Carny Villains

These "Villains" are a six peace theatrical band from Bristol known for their raucous blend of stomping swing, ska and Balkan- style folk played with the riotous energy of punk rock. Live they are a full power theatrical experience, with clowning and antics that keep crowds laughing and dancing, until the end where the entire place will be jumping.


The Dwarfs of East Agouza

The Ghost Wolves

Carley Wolf grew up with a pack of wolf - hybrid dogs on a ranch. When she met Jonny Wolf they started making music together and named their band The Ghost Wolves as a way of remembering the beloved animals from her family who had passed on to the next life. The Austin duo are blending blues, rock n' roll, punk and early American music with modern forms. At their shows, Carley is both frightening and enlightening - her full stack guitar fuzz rumbling and rattling your brain case while she sings in her natural Betty-Boop helium pitch. Jonny pumps out the beats, a solid foundation for Carley's throwdown. Odd instruments often find their way on stage - one string cigar box guitars or a crystal punch bowl from Jonny's grandmother's house. After a Ghost Wolves show, you are made one of the pack, no choice about it. It's not a bad time to be a wolf - or a rock n’ roller!

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The Heliocentrics

A journey through space and time. Something between Jazz, Psychedelic Soul and Proto-Funk interspersed with repetitive Krautrock elements. The London musicians do not want to commit themselves to any genre, but rather understand themselves as a perpetual experiment. The collective drive of the bands is to find their own individual voice, which is not content to imitate what is in front of them, but to merge their many influences with what they themselves want to hear, equal parts musicians and music listeners. Influenced by the Music Concrete, Post Punk, Kraut Rock, Indigenous music, Cuban music of the 50s, Italian soundtracks of the 70s or 90s hip hop, this constant development leads to interesting and unmistakable productions.

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The Hempolics

Real vintage lo fi reggae inspired soul music for the 21st century city scape people. They play inspired by soul and reggae music from the 50ies and 60ies. They play real underground sound but way more modern than everything else. It's fresh stuff. No filler – just killer.

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The Hoo

The Lips

Bringing together musical forces from Australia, Luxembourg and Germany, 'The Lips' have a raw, retro and cheeky sound. Their hard hitting and infectious party tunes bring together their love of blues and soul - messing up hairstyles and causing sweat stains every time they perform.

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The Love Bruise

The Mauskovic Dance Band

The Oh!chestra

The OhOhOhs

The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, violin, cello, bass and drums) whose sound evokes everything from child- like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative-rock numbers. Their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, and beyond.They incorporate multimedia performance art and seek submissions from local painters who join the band on stage

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The Sweet Life Society

The Sweet Life Society is a band born in 2009 in Turin, Italy. Their heart beats to the rhythm of Electroswing: electronic sonority mixed to vintage swing and jazz. Mashup sound meets downbeat and HipHop. You don't have another chance: Just dance.

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The trouble Notes

The Turbans

International legends The Turbans bind together musics from ‘manywhere’ with their interstellar live show which ignites the crowd. Sonically huge and visually arresting, they are a powerhouse of talent, bringing their vibrant and unique sound to audiences who can do nothing more than smile, dance and shout for joy.

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The Venopian Solitude

Thor Rixon & Alice Phoebe Lou

Tiger Tiger

Tricky production, sensitive songwriting, modern soundscapes. The producer, composer and singer Tiger Tiger makes subconscious music. She starts with the surface of externalities, artificiality and then she begins her intimate monologue about her identity. She drives it far, through her neo-psychedelic sound space, inventing herself as fiction and utopia for a new world. Live, Tiger Tiger is a band of three other women. Together they experiment with synths, natural impulses, the vocoder, bass and flutes. I want you to immerse yourself with the Tiger Tiger sound experience. Will you join me?

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Tinted House

Tiny Fingers

The four musicians combine post-rock, live electronics, psychedelic and groove, forming a powerful, super-intensive musical mix. With broken beats, unique guitar playing, fat bass and fresh synthesized sounds, the fingers integrate the messy intensity of rock music with the ecstasy of electronic raves, creating a thick, unrelenting sound trip. An emerging festival favorite both in their home base of Israel and abroad, their live act is a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, leaving the sweaty fans begging for more.

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Todeskommando Atomsturm


TootArd (Arabic for Strawberries) is a “mountain rock reggae” band from the majestic mountainside village of Majdal Shams in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Their “Laissez Passer” documents say their identities are “Undefined” but they are sure that music will lead them. Singing in Arabic and gliding across the borders of West African, Saharan, Caribbean grooves and classical Arabic modalities, they will make every audience laugh, dance, smile, ask questions, and imagine the many possibilities for a better future...




The notion of ubiquity referring to their Name is mirrored in the aesthetics confrontation, an hybridisation of telluric rock Music and a modern electronic production. This alchemy results in a strong, violent and tribal music, like an outlet, a hopeful struggle, inspired by Digital Mystikz as well as Suuns, Liars. A shout that cannot be uttered as is, out of modesty, out of a need for is transformation, a shout that covers the whole music and creates a constant tension, a willingness for burning moments and a raw sincerity.

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ufosekte is a four piece band from frankfurt/main. they play punk influenced by wave-, post- and other later punk genres. guitar and synthesizer for the melodies – bass and drums for pushing things forward. namedropping is up to you – just come over!

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Von Wegen Lisbeth

Take five guys from Berlin, puree and stir them in a small basement together. At 180 degrees the result is a fairly thick pastry. It has a slight Indie smell, tastes a bit of Casio Keyboard, and with an aftertaste of scratching guitars and a stomping beat it makes for an uneasy stomach - and somewhere between glockenspiel and steel drum there is still room for lyrics. Lyrics about Lina. Lyrics about love. Lyrics about your sister. Lyrics about you! Von Wegen Lisbeth are always on the move and make the concert your local gymnastics club competition.

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Vulkkan Entertainment

Who we are? We are a trio from Israel, Moscow and Berlin composed by Fika Magarik (producer, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar), Ruhama Carmel (flute, persian flute and sampler) and Darja Lewin (vocal and percussions). Our music is a mix of the orient and Russia meeting the electronics of the nineties, without any restriction of genres evolving into particular and danceable experience.

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Walls & Birds

Waving The Guns

Welcome Inside The Brain

"It’s unclear whose brain, exactly, we’re being ushered inside, but it appears to be a melancholy one. Straddling the line between psych, prog, and jam rock, these musicians embrace the “anything goes” mentality of their ’70s krautrock predecessors.

Whale vs Elephant

Whale Vs Elephant is the Indiefolk, Ambient and Postrock musicproject of german Artist Tobias Braun always traveling with the aim to find his sound and develop it with the help of different guestmusicians. Whale Vs Elephant's favor for the Icelandic indiefolk- besides UK and swedish Postrock-scene has a great impact on his sound. Far reaching, but always with one goal; To hypnotise the audience and help them to find some relaxed moments in a hecticful system. His tools are syntheziser, Laptop, Stringinstruments, piano and guitars with a lot of effects.

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Whispering Sons

Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2013. Their dark sound breathes desperation and nervosity, which translates into an ominous atmosphere.

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White Wine

Wolf Mountains

Reinhold Emerson (Mosquito Ego), Kevin Kuhn (Die Nerven, Karies) and Thomas Zehnle (All Diese Gewalt, Levin Goes Lightly), the three Stuttgart natives that come together to form the mighty Wolf Mountains, appear on the surface to be super chilled dudes, exuding an aire of living on the edge of eternal boredom. Their new LP „Superheavvy“ opens in a style attesting to this, lulling you to sleep like a newborn baby in it’s mothers arms, only to be violently awakened by what feels like the squeal of circular saw.


Yarah Bravo

Growing up in Sweden as a child of Chilean and Brazilian freedom fighters, once she was old enough to travel YARAH BRAVO left for NYC and London to embrace herself with the music.. She grew up to become a true renaissance woman with a purpose and with more than 4 languages under her belt rap and poetry became her way of Expression. On the mic funky - ferocious YARAH BRAVO is now willing to show the world it’s all about the heart and created her own flow for the world to know!!

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Yasmine Hamdan

It’s hard to find the right words to describe this woman’s oeuvre. Yasmine Hamdam is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress - but these labels don’t do this icon of Arab underground music any justice. In her time she has lived in over 12 countries and developed the unique skill of artfully blending Arab folk music with Western pop. Maybe this unusual musical symbiosis is what led to her first band Soapkills being described as „the first indie-band of the Middle East“. And despite maintaining her signature style through the years and weaving traditional elements into her songs, Yasmines work for widely popular movies like „Only Lovers Left Alive“ show her global appeal. This is because she possesses the unusual gift of transforming foreign lyrics into a universal language. But still, all these words fail to convey the ecstatic feeling of standing in the first row at one of Yasmine Hamadams concerts.



Alex and Malte started their musical journey in the summer of 2014. In the past years a strong friendship evolved between the two as well as an intensive musical project. In their music they use the instruments handpan and didgeridoo and create dynamically improvised sounds - contemplative and sensuous flowing into animating rhythms. In their concerts they are trying to create an atmosphere of total relaxation and inspiration in which people can just follow their mind dreams. Eyes shut - soul alive.

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Yippie Yeah

In the midst of apocalypse, melancholy and laughter Yippie Yeah create their little musical universe played on piano, cello, drums and guitar, sung in English and German. Marlène Colle used to be a music loving dancer until she discovered her love for songwriting and turned into a dance loving musician. Kristina Koropecki plays Cello and Peter Bartz percussion. - You could know them all from other Projects, but here they are with their very own Sound.


Young Boys Menting

It sounds immediate and powerful when the three musicians of Young Boys Menting with their individual, musical skills become an idiophone. After almost ten years of interplay in various jazz formations, Florian Krause (drums), Michael Gudenkauf (double bass) and Hanno Menting (guitar) now present a trio that can add new facets to contemporary jazz. There is an intelligent understanding to fluently cross genre boundaries. A musical mixture with many corners and edges certainly, which oscillates on closer inspection in extraordinary shapes and colors.

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Young Yosef