Wednesday start – five days of Fusion?!

Although the open-air floors will still only ramp up from 6pm on Thursday, the festival will again officially start at 6pm on Wednesday.

That’s when you’ll be treated to an exquisite line-up of concerts, theatre, circus shows, and music. There’ll be spaces for more mellow sounds, time for discussion, the chance to meet new and old friends, opportunities to chill, to barbeque, and to explore the festival site – an extensive but relaxed programme that allows everyone to gently drift into the Fusion cosmos.

However, it seems that the Wednesday start has led to some rumours that the festival doors and gates will be opened earlier this year.

This is not true!

Doors open: Wednesday 8am

The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 8am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm.

We therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms not to arrive before Wednesday. If you do, it’ll result in no small amount of annoyance and chaos and will, ultimately, just cause delays for everyone arriving on Wednesday. It will not be possible to enter the festival site on Tuesday and you won’t find any parking or camping facilities outside the festival site then either. The first shuttle buses will leave Neustrelitz at 8am on Wednesday.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that that you’ll be able to get in and out a lot easy.

For all that to work, though, it’s really important that you pay attention to the new systems that we’ve put in place. All of this will be on the website from mid-June and in the festival guide as well. When you leave the festival site, please make sure you look at the information in the guide so that everyone leaving on Sunday can get away quickly.

By Bus

Together with our friends at BASSLINER, we’re once again bringing you a number of bus connections from many cities in and beyond Germany.

BASSLINER provides not only a safe way to travel, but also a great opportunity to befriend other party goers on your way to the festival.

For the first time we have direct Busses coming from Osnabrueck and Muenster to the Festival.

And, of course, non-stop services are again available from Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Göttingen, Hannover, Kiel,  Leipzig, Luebeck, Magdeburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Rostock, Stuttgart, Würzburg, Vienna and Zurich.

The prices are such that you’re unlikely to find a better-value way to get to us. Those traveling from Berlin and Hamburg can buy tickets for between EUR 11,- and EUR 19,-, with several departures during each day of the festival.

Long-distance trips from other cities are priced between EUR 20,- and EUR 60,- each way.

Regardless of the journey, the same principle applies: the earlier you book, the lower the price.

As ever, for details see

Participation on BASSLINER departures to Fusion Festival are only possible with a valid Fusion Festival ticket.

By train

The Brandenburg group ticket is the best option for those coming from Berlin or Brandenburg by train. For EUR 29,- 5 people can travel on the one ticket from 9am onwards on all RE (Regional) and IR (InterRegio) trains as well as on the Berlin subway (U-Bahn) and S-Bahn. Tickets are available from the machines at the station and, on the weekend, you can travel on this ticket before 9am. You use this ticket to travel to Neustrelitz even though it is technically outside of Brandenburg.

The Mecklenburg Vorpommern Ticket or Schleswig Holstein Ticket offers a similar option from Hamburg.

Please also use the Sonderzüge (excursion trains) of the Deutsch Bahn from and to Berlin.
These excursion trains depart:

  • from Berlin central station to the festival on 27/06 and 28/06 at 3:12pm and 19:09pm (Gesundbrunnen 10 minutes later).
  • departure from Neustrelitz on 01/07 at 12:47pm, 13:37pm, 3:23pm, 16:28pm, 6:31pm and 7:39pm

Anyone coming from other corners of Germany can travel as a group of up to five people using the Quer-durchs-Land Ticket.

When you arrive in Neustrelitz... can then take our shuttle bus:

Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sun: between 8:00 - 00:00

Sat: as and when required

Mon: between 10:00 - 21:00

The shuttle buses wait for the last train to arrive in Neustrelitz from Berlin.

This year the shuttle busses to the festival will start at the south exit of Neustrelitz station again and not from the square in the front. There will also be a festival embassy at the bus stop where you can sort out your ticket issues front up. It is not possible to travel from Neustrelitz to Fusion Festival without a valid Festival Ticket.

There will be a a train going from Neustrelitz to Mirow from wich you may continue to the festival site by bus. These trains will operate hourly on 27/06;,28/06 and 29/06 from 10:15am to 9:15pm. After the arrival in Mirow you will have direct connection busses to the festival area.

As with busses, it won't be possible to enter the train without a valid Festival Ticket.

On Monday 01/07 and Tuesday 02/07 the train from Mirow to Neustrelitz will operate hourly from 9:14am to 8:14pm. The busses from the festival area (ZOB) to the train station will leave aprox. 30 minutes before. In Neustrelitz you will have instant direct train connection to Berlin, Rostock and Stralsund.


Taxis are an alternative to our shuttle buses. These cost between EUR 35,- and EUR 50,- depending on your negotiating skills and demand!

Hitch a ride

If there are extra places in your car, you can offer them to other festival goers through our Fusion car sharing facility, which you can find in your personal ticket account.

Travelling in full cars is more fun and reduces our carbon footprint!

By car

When coming from Hamburg or Berlin on the A24, take the A19 towards Rostock. Then take the second exit (junction 18 at Röbel) and follow the B198 towards Neustrelitz.


After the small town of Vietzen, turn right onto the Lärz airfield.


Beware: there are two speed cameras on the B198!